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2016 Edition of the Relais Desserts Charles Proust Competition

For its 6th edition, the prestigious Charles Proust Relais Desserts Competition has revealed a range of young talents. Future artisans of sweet delights who met on October 28 at the heart of the very popular Salon du Chocolat

Eight young patissiers from Luxembourg, Belgium, Japan and, of course, France, took part in this long-awaited competition. Besides the competition’s impact, it is also known as the “waiting room of the MOF”.
The patissiers competed in two competitions. The first, an artistic one, in which they created a gourmet work before an audience  on the theme of “art artisan, French heritage”, a creation intended to serve as a base for a cake with an innovative design. Then a second tasting competition where they made a dessert based on milk and dark Guanaja chocolate.

For this 6th edition of the Charles Proust Relais Desserts Competition, four competitors were rewarded for their highly creative and technical performance. The Charles Proust Prize (first prize) was awarded to the candidate who had the highest number of points from the artistic event and the tasting…


1st Prize & Artistic Prize: Nicolas RIVEAU who works at the Valrhona school in Tain l ‘Hermitage.

2nd Prize as well as Tasting & Grand Prix of the Public: Gen SASAKI, from Caroline Patisserie in Tokyo.

3rd Prize: François DAUBINET, from the Le Taillevent restaurant in Paris.

Press Prize: Adrien PETITGENÊT who works at Jean-Paul Hévin in Paris.

The artistic piece by Nicolas Riveau, who won the 1st Prize as well as the Artistic Prize.

The piece by Gen Sasaki, from the Caroline pastry shop in Tokyo, who won the 2nd Prize as well as the Grand Prix of the Public.

The piece by François Daubinet, from the Le Taillevent restaurant in Paris, 3rd Prize.

The piece by Adrien Petitgenêt, who works for Jean-Paul Hévin, Press Prize.

The prizes were awarded by a jury of experts including Jean-Philippe Darcis, president of the artistic jury, Claire Damon, president of the tasting jury, Mercotte, president of the Grand Prix Public jury and Philippe Toinard, president of the press jury… all under the honorary presidency of Jacques Bellanger, winner of the Charles Proust Competition, MOF 1982 and member of the Relais Desserts association.

We’ll meet again in 2018 for the next edition of this gourmet contest! In the meantime, you can admire and delight your taste buds with these crazy sweet sculptures…

The members of the various juries and the winners of this 2016 edition.

Nicolas Riveau’s entremets

Gen Sasaki’s entremets

François Daubinet’s entremets

Photos © Studio des Fleurs

Adrien Petitgenêt’s entremets

Nicolas Riveau, 1st Prize of the Charles Proust Relais Desserts Competition and Artistic Prize.

From left to right, Frédéric Cassel, Nicolas Riveau, Pierre Mirgalet and Laurent Duchêne.