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- The influence of Relais Desserts-

24 May. 2017

Everybody knows it by now: for the last few years, pastry has become extremely popular like gastronomy before it; a world constantly abuzz with a now borderless aura. The proof lays with Pierre Hermé, named “World’s Best Pastry Chef” in 2016 by the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy”, Hermé who last February made macaroons for the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s birthday, macaroons delivered and eaten… in the stars!


So, beyond the association, which has allowed 90 plus pastry chefs –among the best craftsmen of sweets – to meet and exchange ideas around a profession/calling for the last 36 years, there is a true Relais Desserts label that undoubtedly influences today’s news; whether it is pastry, gastronomy, trends or art of living. A strong influence that can be felt across all continents: the U.S.A., Japan where chocolate is a lot more than just a sweet treat, the Middle East…


Truth be told, the Relais Desserts pastry chefs make a whole lot more than cakes and chocolates. Multiple awards, recognition from the press, TV and radio with lots of commentaries or shows like the inescapable “meilleur pâtissier” (best pastry chef), participation in the greatest gourmet trade shows and world competitions: Pastry World Cup, Chocolate Trade Show, Omnivore Festival, Charles Proust Relais Desserts Competition… and let’s not forget many beautiful books and even exhibitions. QED.







Front page, Thomas Pesquet tasting his macaroons made by Pierre Hermé…







Ranked 4th in the 50 most influential French people in the world by the French Vanity Fair, Pierre Hermé has been the object of many media reports. This year, he was on the show “le meilleur pâtissier – les professionnels” (the best pastry chef – the pros), as a permanent juror. The show airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on M6 from May 2 to 23. Let’s not forget the two documentaries from “50’ Inside” (TF1) last March and April or also Une Heure en France (One Hour in France) on France Bleu on March 16 about Macaroon’s Day, which he created. Picture : Stéphane de Bourgies






Thomas Pesquet















Initiator of the International Amateur Macaroon Competition in 2010, (of which the 7th edition’s final was held last May), Vincent Guerlais participated in the “Le Meilleur pâtissier” (the Best Pastry chef) show this past October 26. Picture : Stéphane de Bourgies






Mother’s Day cake by Vincent Guerlais. An “animal” cake imagined for one of the challenges of the “Meilleur Pâtissier” show.






Passionate about arts and fruits, the Alsatian pastry chef Thierry Mulhaupt gave a conference in Strasbourg last year on the theme of: “From love of delicacy to the delicacy of love”. A most captivating and needless to say gourmet “Ted Talk”… to listen to here! Picture: Stéphane Spach






Youngest Pastry World champion, Jérôme de Oliveira participated in the Omnivore Festival last March (as did Sébastien Bouillet). He was part of the “Meilleur Pâtissier – célébrités” (Best Pastry chef – celebrities) show on M6 last June and is currently shooting a documentary for the Grands Reportages show that will air on TF1 in September.






Riviera cheesecake by Jérôme de Oliveira.






Strawberry bubble cake by Jérôme de Oliveira.






Last October, Arnaud Larher launched a new flavor of smoked chocolate. It was the subject of a special report on the JT (news) at 1 pm on France 2 on Wednesday, March 17. Last March, the MOF (Best Worker in France) also received from the hands of Pierre Hermé (Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur) the insignias of Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Mérite (a high French honor, the National Order of Merit). Picture: Benoit Auvray






Smoked chocolate macaroon by Arnaud Larher.






Le Fumoir Box by Arnaud Larher.






Richard Sève who also received from the hands of Pierre Hermé the insignias of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (in 2015) participated last March in a multi-discipline international symposium titled “The taste of chocolate in the world”. The symposium was organized at the Sorbonne and gathered University faculty as well as “chocolatologists”…





In the works for release this fall, La Martinière publishing company will put out a beautiful book about the Relais Desserts pastry chefs. On the menu, about a hundred of iconic recipes from these chefs that will reveal their knacks through educational step-by-step explanations. And let’s not forget their portraits









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