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- Making a case for it-

13 Sep. 2017

Form and content are not just a philosophical debate… Proof is in the different new packaging the Relais Desserts chefs have imagined. Because beyond creating delicious varieties of sweets, the pastry chefs clearly enjoy coming up with new cases up to the standards of their entremets, sweets and other chocolate bonbons: limited edition cases painted by artists, or a toy box, or even women clutches. Well, to please the eyes and beyond, they play with humor in the gourmet world arena. Irresistible.







Front page, Mother’s Day gift box signed Dalloyau.

Pop art boxes Roy Lichtenstein style in original flavors for Moms with strawberry-Morello cherry-poppy macaroon.

© P. Vaurès








The new chocolate bars by Vincent Guerlais and their colorful little clutches. A collection of 23 chocolate bars, from the purest original one to the one in blond or biscuit chocolate. To be consumed freely… even to be collected.




Syrine case signed Pierre Hermé House. Or a beautiful jewelry box for macaroons with a hand-cut rose.









The hat box… of macaroons Frédéric Cassel imagined. A very elegant box made of several stackable stories with room for 8 delicious macaroons per floor.








The whirl of baby bears by Jérôme de Oliveira, Intuitions. An irresistible box shaped as a dispenser with its little wheel, of six little marshmallow bear cubs.





The Bellanger racing cars, by maison Bellanger, offered in a 3-box collection. The White House box, in reference to the famous racing curve with its nine emblematic models in the colors of the original models. Racing cars version Piemont hazelnut and peanut pralines with a little booklet telling all about their exploits.





The diamond Kisses by Christophe Roussel. Very glamourous chocolates bonbons with a raspberry ganache filling and little crunchy pearls, presented like little jewels in a jewelry box.









Masséna slabs by Pascal Lac. A box of chocolates entirely in the colors of the Place Masséna with its chocolates as a reminder of the new bicolor tiles of the place and a red box like the buildings around. A true little piece of Nice.





Largo Winch macaroon box by Dalloyau. A limited edition series created to mark the release in early October, of the new album: The Morning Star. Dalloyau got his inspiration from the story set in South America, so he put together a grand cru chocolate from Brazil and passion fruit macaroon.




Father’s Day gift box by Dalloyau. Pop art boxes Roy Lichtenstein style in original flavors for Dads with whisky cream macaroon. © P. Vaurès




The gold box by Jean-Paul Hévin. A box that protects a “golden square” or 36 grand cru chocolates from plain ganache to many cocoa notes: spicy, sour, fruity… Let’s not forget the smart apparatus – an integrated cooling block – which protects the freshness of the chocolates during heat waves or long trips…





The macaroon pyramid by Richard Sève. Small to big pyramids, holding from 24 to 112 macaroons and delicious savors such as milk-passion fruit, caramel-salted butter, chocolate, Tatin apple, cola…

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