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- A few books by our pastry chefs-

15 Mar. 2018

Most of them just published, others to rediscover, here are some of our pastry chefs books who will, for sure, inspire you ! 




Frédéric Cassel invites us to explore the richness of red fruits from the garden of his Fontainebleau ‘house’. In this book, Frédéric presents the juicy and tangy fruits and reveals the tricks to prepare and preserve them. Not to forget the 70 recipes, simple, tasty and sometimes festive: cherry clafoutis, thyme tile biscuit, mulberry truffles or rum baba with red fruits. A true delight!


Les fruits rouges de mon jardin (The red fruits of my garden)


Par Frédéric Cassel

Photo : Laurent Fau

Éditions de La Martinière – 25 €






To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Lenôtre, the embodiment of French excellence and gastronomy, Guy Krenzer, its Creative Director, has designed eight thematic collections declined into 160 sweet and savoury recipes: pantone, childhood, love, supernatural… He also invited artists such as Petit H and Pierre Frey, who designed eight special creations. To taste without reserve!


Maison Lenôtre, Haute Création


Par Guy Krenzer

Photo : Caroline Faccioli

Stylisme : Marion Chatelain

Texte : Bénédicte Bortoli

Éditions de La Martinière – 45 €






A seasoned pastry chef and MOF, Nicolas Bernardé has travelled around the globe before opening his boutique and pastry school in Garennes-Colombes, near Paris. In this beautiful book, he describes the 80 travel cakes he brought back from his wanderings; cakes that will make you dream and enchant your taste buds: the Koh Pipi Island, the cashew nut, mango and coco cake, or the Black Jack, inspired by Las Vegas, with chocolate, sour cherries and redcurrant.


Invitation d’un pâtissier voyageur (Invitation of a Pastry Chef)


Par Nicolas Bernardé

Photo : Guillaume Czerw

Éditions de La Martinière – 29,90 €





Ice cream MOF and a World Champion of iced desserts, Alain Chartier excels in his sector. In this book designed for professionals, he recounts the History of ice creams and tells us of the French market, of its regulations and technical innovations. Not to forget an infinity of recipes sorted out by season and produce: éclairs and ice macaroons, sticks and bars, creams, etc. Comprehensive.


Glaces toute l’année (Ice creams throughout the year)



Par Alain Chartier

Photo : Laurent Rannou

Éditions Maison Chartier – 90 €






A goldsmith of Viennese pastry, Daniel Álvarez heads one of the most prominent Spanish pastries, Dalua, located in Elche and presents many of his creations and deft hand tricks in 60 step by step recipes. A true Bible of Viennese pastry, beautifully illustrated by 600 photos of to-die-for brioches, croissants, millefeuilles and panettones.


Sweet devotion


Par Daniel Álvarez

Ouvrage Anglais/Espagnol

Éditions Grupo Vilbo – 54,90 €



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