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11 Jul. 2018

Officially started a little while ago, summer gives us as many reasons to enjoy guilt-free ICE CREAMS, as there are flavors to die for. Especially that the RELAIS DESSERTS pastry chefs are masters of ANY AND ALL FROZEN DELIGHTS! 


Smooth, super fruity, classic or whimsical, their ice cream bars, popsicles, macaroons or sorbets are whispering to us the PROMISE OF A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER. Needless to say, our master craftsmen and MOF (Best Workers of France) ice cream makers take this opportunity to tell us some of their frozen favorites as well as some of their secrets…



Vincent Guerlais (Nantes) with creations as gourmet as they are colorful.


A great ice cream? Smoothness and crunchy toppings.


Favorite flavor?  Ca-ra-mel!




Vincent Guerlais





Vincent Guerlais





Nicolas Bouchermaster pastry chef at Dalloyau house (front page), imagined frozen macaroons for the summer and signed a collection with Corsican ice cream maker Pierre Geronimi.


Deluxe ice cream? Black garlic ice cream by said Pierre Geronimi.


Dalloyau House





Richard Sève, pastry chef from Lyons and aficionado of red praline and chocolate.


Favorite flavor combination? His red praline ice cream and his lemon sorbet.


Deluxe? His home-garden fresh mint sorbet, limited harvest.


Sève House





Alain Chartier, MOF (Best Worker of France) ice cream maker whodedicated his bible, Glaces toute l’année (Ice cream all year roundto this art.



Alain Chartier





Pierre Hermé transpose his favorite combinations depend on the seasons, or summers. And for the first time, the company delivers anywhere in France. Only in July!


Favorite Combination? His Isfahan.


Deluxe? His Miss Glagla.


Pierre Hermé House Paris





Pierre Hermé House Paris





Jean-Paul Hévin, all of Asia and Paris are crazy for this chocolate maker and pastry chef.


Wackiest ice cream? The one he gets up in the middle of the night for. Chocolate of course!


Deluxe? His “Exquis Momo”, a gluten-free almond cake base, grand cru chocolate-coated and caramelized almonds.


Jean-Paul Hévin





Laurent le Daniel (Rennes) signs a beautiful collection of homemade popsicles.


Favorite combination? Vanilla-blackcurrant and apricot-pistachio after swimming!


Laurent le Daniel





Éric Vergne, chocolate maker, pastry chef and deli owner in Audincourt.


A great ice cream? For a sorbet, the fruitiest possible. For an ice cream, a refreshing, silky and smooth texture.


Favorite combination? Bourbon and Tahiti vanilla ice cream and blackcurrant coulis in his Beau Rivage sorbet from his Summer collection.


Éric Vergne





Nicolas Bernardé, pastry chef who travels! After the Quai d’Orsay (Paris) kitchen, settled in La Garenne-Colombes.


Favorite combination? Vanilla-strawberry, an unbeatable classic.


His secrets? His base products: Isigny (AOP, registered product) cream and grand cru chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios and ripe fruits that are worked with as soon as they arrive.


Nicolas Bernardé © Françoise Vauzeilles



Nicolas Bernardé © Françoise Vauzeilles





Bernard Besse, heads the Borzeix-Besse House in Corrèze.


Deluxe ice cream: chocolate ice cream, cocoa nib and black truffle.


Borzeix-Besse House





Jean-Christophe Jeanson, master pastry chef of the Lenôtre House, THE House, ambassador of French gastronomy.


A great ice cream?Exceptional products such as Manilla or Charlotte strawberries, picked at Gaillard’s in the Yvelines department (Paris region), combined with the know-how of master ice cream maker Jean-Louis Bellemans.


The wackiest? A popcorn tasting ice cream served with a seaweed-buttered roasted lobster from Bordier.


Lenôtre House





Roberto Rinaldininotably twice ice cream world champion, works in Rimini.


His secret? For ice cream, make an infusion of cream and vanilla in the milk with eight coffee beans and half a cinnamon stick.


Wackiest ice cream? The one reminding him of his home country with caramelized salted Bronte pistachios and Piedmont hazelnuts.


Roberto Rinaldini





Roberto Rinaldini





John Kraus (Minneapolis MN, USA) who combines simplicity and refinement.


Favorite flavor? Strawberry, rhubarb and anise sorbet.


His secret? Every Sunday, he makes a frozen delight depending on what he finds at his local growers.






Sébastien Bouillet, pastry chef from Lyons who loves to add a playful note to gourmet fares.


His secret? Maturing the ice cream for 24h before working it.


Deluxe? A vanilla and truffle ice cream…


Sébastien Bouillet © Nicolas Villion




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