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- A very good and Merry Christmas-

28 Nov. 2018

There is nothing better during the Holidays than gourmet delights. So, the Relais Desserts pastry chefs thought waysto end 2018 beautifully. With sparkling eyes and excitement of the palate we are getting ready, without any further delay, to bite into their shimmering Yule logs and their chiseled décors. As a matter of fact, what does Christmas mean to them? A lot of desserts and candy of course, but what else?







Marc Ducobu


  • Your best? The wreath with my ingredient of choice: really red cherries!
  • The creative thread? The wreath as a matter of fact; it hangs on every door when we want to announce we celebrate Christmas together.
  • For you, Christmas is… Stressful happiness 🙂



Christmas wreath by Marc Ducobu (first page): 100% chocolate sponge cake, Madagascar dark chocolate mousse, Chantilly cherry compote, dark chocolate crunchy balls.




Vincent Guerlais. Dessert of December 31st, New Year’s Magic (2019). Photo Jean-Christophe Leroux.



House of Pierre Hermé Paris. Orphéo log cake.



House of Oberweis. Chocolate-pistachio log cake.



Frédéric Cassel


  • Your ingredient of choice? Chestnuts and chocolate.
  • The creative thread? Origami.
  • To you, Christmas is… Joy in the children’s eyes.



Frédéric Cassel. Photo Laurent Fau/Studio des Fleurs.



Arnaud Larher. Christmas Tree macaroons .



Thierry Mulhaupt. Colombiana log cake.


Jean-Paul Hévin


  • Your best? Our truffles with their intense chocolate taste, enhanced by bitter cocoa powder.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Chocolate of course! Christmas wouldn’t exist without chocolate! This year I fell for a cocoa from Venezuela with peated notes that you will find in my Holiday travel cake: the Sidéral. My Ptit Train Yule log is a tribute to the happiest Christmas I had as a kid when I received an electric train set.



Jean-Paul Hévin. Sidéral log cake.



Luc Guillet


  • Your best? The Vercors ice cream log cake, specialty of the Guillet House with its vanilla ice cream marbled with caramel, Royans crushed walnuts and almond meringue.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Chocolate of course!
  • The creative thread? We played with jewels and chiseled some true delicacy treasures such as the jewel box log cake.
  • To you Christmas is… Magical and very very gourmet.



Luc Guillet. Vercors Christmas tree: : chocolate, walnuts, caramel, meringue.



House of Dalloyau. Christmas’ Ark log cake. Photo Guillaume Czerw.



Marc Ducobu. Christmas Village: dark chocolate shell, stracciatella, ice cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate décor.



Guy Krenzer, House of Lenôtre


  • Your best? Our signature Yule log reinvented every Christmas. This year it is “Gourmet Odyssey”, reminding of the sweet starry Christmas night and combines the three continents of the animals in the tale: lemon from Asia, chocolate from Africa and hazelnuts from Europe.
  • The creative thread?I felt like evoking ancient travels mixing winter solstice pagan legends and the story of the Three Wise Men and the rich illustrative work of Michaël Cailloux.





Laurent Duchêne



Christophe Roussel


  • Your best? Our signature log cakes.
  • Your ingredient of choice? My Bahiana chocolate signature, created from exceptional cocoa beans from the Petrolina plantation in the State of Bahia in Brazil. A plantation that is both socially and environmentally engaged.
  • To you Christmas is… The kids’ joy when they see their presents under the tree, the pretty table and house decorations, the pleasures of sharing food with the people you love.



Christophe Roussel. Flagrant Désir log cake.



Alain Chartier


  • Your best? The ice cream Yule logs of course, but also the compositions based on nougatine, ice cream or all fruit no sugar.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Candied orange or sanguine orange or sugar-free single origin chocolate.
  • To you Christmas is? Getting together with family, friends and good Holiday food, with products you don’t find the rest of the year. Of course, the Holidays are nicer with sweet delicacies!



Alain Chartier. Dessert of December 31st. Photo Laurent Rannou.



Mathieu Kamm


  • Your best? The Blackberry Yule log.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Christmas spices and Sri Lanka cinnamon.
  • To you Christmas is… Sharing and lots of candy.



Mathieu Kamm. Chocolate Christmas tree.



Vianney Bellanger


  • Your best? Centerpieces that are festive and gourmet such as “the elves’ sled” in dark chocolate and coconut powder (photo).
  • Your ingredient of choice? Dominican Republic chocolate 😉 that you find in three of our log cakes.
  • The creative thread? The busy elves in the laboratory working so everything is ready in time for Christmas.





Luigi Biasetto


  • Your best? The plain or chocolate Panettone, definitely and the Pandoro, a vanilla-cocoa butter brioche, a tribute to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona and chocolate Christmas trees.



Luigi Biasetto. Chocolate Christmas tree.



Nicolas Bernardé


  • Your best? The House specialty, the travel cakes cakissimes®, sweet and tender like kisses.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Caramel because it means delicacies and childhood memories. A regressive memory-type delight that reminds me of the delicious Tatin tarts my grandmother used to make. Try it in the “Giants’ Causeway ” Yule log.
  • The creative thread? The theme of “journey with many layovers” seemed obvious to me.



Nicolas Bernardé. Trio of log cakes inspired by Namibia, Ireland and China. Photo Guillaume Czerw.



Laurent Le Daniel


  • Your best? Our “Millesime” Yule log in a limited edition composed of three exclusive recipes. The pine cones: hazelnut sponge cake, Corsican clementine compote, mandarin cremeux, light chestnut cream. The gifts: light cocoa sponge cake, 70% dark gold chocolate mousse. The candles: light homemade praline cream, dacquoise with raw almond bits.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Our praline.
  • Your choice of wine? A Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Champagne.





Pascal Lac


  • Your best ? A Christmas tree of mendiant chocolates, the chestnut Yule log and a cheesecake log cake.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Praline
  • To you, Christmas is… Enchantment!



House of Lac. Mandarin ice log cake. Photo Marc Laurin.



Maison Sève. Comalcalco log cake. Photo Philippe Jalin.



Sébastien Bouillet


  • The creative thread? The movies, with tribute log cakes to James Bond, Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin, Westerns, Harry Potter…


Sébastien Bouillet. Mary log cake by Sébastien Bouillet: maple syrup mousse, blackcurrant crémeux, myrtles, blackcurrant financier on crunchy shortbread. Photo Nicolas Villion.



Norihiko Terai


  • Your best? The log cake with pears and chestnuts.
  • Your ingredient of choice? Strawberries.
  • The best suited drink? Hot lemon tea.



Norihiko Terai. Christmas wreath: orange cake and dried fruits.


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