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- Relais Desserts Charles Proust 2018 Competition-

03 Nov. 2018

The 7th Relais Desserts Charles Proust competition, a gourmet and highly technical contest, has revealed its newbatch of future stars of desserts.



A gateway to the highly desirable MOF (Best Worker of France) distinction, the Relais Desserts Charles Proust competition took place at the Chocolate Trade Show in Paris on Wednesday, October 31st; 11 young pastry workers were competing in this 2018 edition.


Once more, each candidate in the running at this illustrious contest—re-launched in 2006 by the Relais Desserts Association—tried to show more imagination, more creativity and technique than the other to create pieces as beautiful as gourmet.



The themes? On the artistic side it was comics, with a creation intended for presenting three individual chestnut-based cakes, the key ingredient of the tasting theme this year.





The “Dream” recipe and the “Dragon” artistic piece of Keita ISHIGURO, 1st Prize Charles Proust.





The “Baker Street” recipe and the “Sherlock Holmes” artistic piece of Ludovic DUFILS, 2nd Prize Charles Proust.





The “Chestnut Nugget” recipe and the “Abstract… Stroke of a pen” artistic piece of Enzo ROUSSEL, 3rd Prize Charles Proust.





The outcome? This 7th edition uncovered four very promising young pastry chefs, the first three prizes going to the contestant with the most points for both their artistic piece and the cakes made for the tasting. Knowing that a jury of experts gave the marks, as always. This year the honorary president of the competition was Frédéric Cassel who’s also the honorary president of Relais Desserts, Claire Heitzler was the tasting president, Thierry Bamas, MOF (Best Worker of France) pastry chef, the artistic judge, Mercotte the people’s judge and Gilbert Pytel, journalist and dessert gourmet, the press judge.






“The Spip” recipe and the “Marsupilami” artistic piece of Pierre-Henri ROULLARD, Press Prize.





The four winners of the Relais Desserts Charles Proust 2018 Competition?



  • 1st Prize Charles Proust
  • People’s Prize
  • Artistic Prize
  • Tasting Prize

with his “Dream” recipe and his “Dragon” artistic piece



Keita ISHIGURO, 1st Prize Charles Proust and undeniable talent of this edition, since Keita also won the People’s Prize, the Artistic Prize and the Tasting Prize. Pastry chef, he has been working at East Gallery in Tokyo since 2014.





Keita ISHIGURO with Frédéric Cassel (right) and Jeff Oberweis (left).





Ludovic DUFILS

  • 2nd Prize Charles Proust

with his “Baker Street” recipe and his “Sherlock Holmes” artistic piece





Ludovic DUFILS, 2nd Prize Charles Proust Pastry worker, Ludovic works alongside the MOF (Best Worker of France) Philippe Rigollot in Annecy.






  • 3rd Prize Charles Proust

with his “Chestnut Nugget” recipe and his “Abstract… Stroke of a pen” artistic piece





Enzo ROUSSEL, 3rd Prize Charles Proust Son of Relais Desserts pastry chef Christophe Roussel, Enzo is chef de partie and Research and Development manager at Christophe Michalak in Paris.





Pierre-Henri ROULLARD

  • Press Prize

with his “The Spip” recipe and his “Marsupilami” artistic piece





Pierre-Henri ROULLARD, Press Prize It is alongside the MOF Frédéric Hawecker from Hawecker Pastry Shop in Chateaurenard, that Pierre-Henri works as a pastry worker.









See you in 2020!





**************** Pictures © Studio des Fleurs





The 4e Prize equally placed of this Relais Desserts Charles Proust 2018 Competition





Fabrice Pleinchêne





Morgane Boulet





Maxence Piau





Éric Verbauwhede





Adina Agakishieva





Steven Gérault (maison Frédéric Cassel)





Franck Colombie



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