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- Spring meetings in Lyon-

13 May. 2019

Just like every spring, all the world’s Relais Desserts pastry chefs met to share their know-how and talk about their craft, but also to allow aficionados from Lyon to taste their creations. It was the opportunity to celebrate once more, state of the art Haute Pastry.



Photos : Pep’s Photomatic by Eric Meyss



The Relais Desserts in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon.



Between May 5 and 7, the seminar took place in Lyon—the capital of gastronomy—under the leadership of Richard Sève, Sébastien Bouillet and Jean-Paul Pignol; for the occasion, the pastry chefs imagined the “Chefs’ afternoon snacks” on the theme of market pastry. A huge and wonderful “afternoon snacks” display, which gathered about 550 people in the beautiful hall de la Corbeille of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon. Gérard Collomb (mayor of Lyon and former minister of the Interior) and David Kimefeld (President of Greater Lyon) were there and even received a “medal macaron” from Vincent Guerlais, president of Relais Desserts.





From left to right: David Kimefeld (president of Greater Lyon), Sébastien Bouillet, Gérard Collomb (mayor of Lyon and former minister of the Interior), Richard Sève and Vincent Guerlais.





Other than a visit to the Pignol house lab in Brignais and Sébastien Bouillet’s shops, the pastry chefs also discovered the Musco, the Lyon chocolate museum that Richard and Gaëlle Sève in Limonest created.



Visit of the Musco, the Lyon Museum of Chocolate, created by Richard and Gaëlle Sève.



From left to right : Richard Sève, Pierre Hermé, Stéphane de Bourgies, Gaëlle Sève, Vincent Guerlais.



As a matter of fact, it is at the Musco that Relais Desserts had the pleasure to present the Zazakely Sambatra Association—presided by the photographer Stéphane de Bourgies—which works tirelessly to help with the education of Madagascar youth—with the funds collected by the pastry chefs during Macaron’s Day last March 20th namely… a check for 53,500 euros.


And lets not forget the visit of Relais Desserts’ partners showrooms, that’s about 20 members, a delicious country style lunch offered by the fruit cooperative Sicoly, a discovery of Lyon rally as well as a visit of the very exclusive Hermès and Christofle workshops.


Some very animated and gourmet meetings…



Well-deserved break and country lunch for the pastry chefs, organized by Sicoly, the fruit cooperative.



The “Chef’s Afternoon Snacks”, imagined on the theme of market pastry.



The South West’ Afternoon Snacks.



So many wonders for the eyes and the taste buds…


The whole group of the Relais Desserts pastry chefs and their spouses.


Claire Damon, Relais Desserts pastry chef in Paris.



Sébastien Bouillet (Lyon) victim of his success!



Richard Sève



The Paris pastry chefs hard at work. From left to right: Laurent Duchêne (from behind), Jean-Christophe Jeanson (Lenôtre House), Frédéric Cassel and Pierre Hermé.



The Paris Chefs’ Afternoon Snacks.



The chefs from France’s Great East region hard at work. From left to right: Thierry Gilg, Pierre Hubert, Joël Baud, Mathieu Kamm, Thierry Mulhaupt.



The Great Est Chefs’ Afternoon Snacks.





Center: Gérard Collomb, mayor of Lyon.



Vianney Bellanger (Le Mans) during the Chefs’ Afternoon Snacks.




Luc Guillet (Valence) hard at work for the “Chefs’ Afternoon Snacks”.





The Corbeille Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon, decorated for the occasion with a lion… made of chocolate.

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