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François-Xavier Demaison

29 June 2020
Actor and seasoned bon viveur

After brilliantly orchestrating the transition from finance to film, the actor is one happy man. Between sets, his confession to Desserts, washed down with a Pouilly Fuissé, was as gourmet as they come.

A flavour you adore?

Truffles! With scrambled eggs, served carpaccio-style, or with langoustine or scallops, accompanied by a dash of olive oil. I’ve had a soft spot for them since childhood. A scientist once told me that my passion for the tuber melanosporum must be hereditary. I can well believe it as my father, a great trufflelover, spent a fortune on them at Christmas.

A particular dessert from your childhood?

My grandmother’s apricot tart. Cooked, ripe apricots with a little sugar on a puff pastry base. Simple and wonderful!

A teatime ritual?

As I avoid desserts at the end of meals as much as possible, I tend to allow myself a treat at teatime: macaroons, shortbreads, pieces of chocolate, tarts…

Your favourite desserts?

Sorbet, nougat, Turkish delight or orangettes. I like some chocolate: ordinary chocolate, plain ganache, truffles and big pieces of chocolate.

A guilty pleasure to share?

We’re talking gastronomy, I presume? If you were a dessert? A marshmallow teddy bear. The famous one, covered in chocolate.

From "Desserts" Autumn/Winter n°04

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