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Julie Andrieu

30 September 2020
Chocolate passion!

She is the most delectable incarnation of TV’s new look Epicureanism. With humour and finesse, Julie confesses her gourmet pleasures to Desserts.

A flavour you adore? 

Not easy because I like variety. Bread, which is sacred, and Japanese green tea. Wherever I travel in the world, I take green tea and a kettle with me…

A particular dessert from your childhood?

My first sweet recipe! Truffles made by mixing cocoa powder with margarine. Even then, I had incredible gastronomic flair…

A teatime ritual? 

As I avoid desserts at the end of meals as much as possible, I tend to allow myself a treat at teatime: macaroons, shortbreads, pieces of chocolate, tarts…

Your favourite desserts?

Anything made with chocolate, preferably black and goodquality!

A guilty pleasure to share?

There’s no such thing as a “guilty” pleasure! A glass of red wine, a Les Amoureuses chambollemusigny or a Gruaud-Larose, a Saint-Julien or a Domaine de la Treille Muscate corbières by Catherine Marin-Pestel, produced with attention to detailand great care.

If you were a dessert?

A piece of dark “porcellana” chocolate by Pierre Marcolini.

From magazine "Desserts" Spring – Summer n°3

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