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Selected Advent calendars

13 November 2020
Initially designed as a way to help children wait patiently, the Advent Calendar is now aimed at all discerning palates. From 1st December to Christmas Eve, their 24 little boxes never fail to delight us. Let us take a look at what our pâtissiers have concocted this year…
  • Pierre Hermé has put his name to a calendar designed around Saturn’s rings, filled with chocolate sweets and other treats. Available as a limited edition, this calendar is adorned with a Christmas bauble produced in partnership with the Meisenthal glassworks, experts in the field!
  • Pascal Lac offers two versions of his Advent calendar, each equally enchanting. Transported to the foot of his Christmas tree, or to the village square in Megève, your heart will flutter as you discover the treats within.
  • Behind this pretty bauble, Laurent Le Daniel offers a calendar to delight anyone with a sweet tooth! In it you will find chocolate ganaches, pralines, caramels, fruit jellies, nougats and more besides.
  • Getaway guaranteed with the Advent calendar from Nicolas Bernardé paying homage to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Moving through the boxes, you will find chocolate biscuits and sweets, hazelnuts with gianduja, chocolate-coated almonds and more.
  • Pascal Dupuy, now based in Oslo, has this year put his name to a calendar decorated Scandinavian-style in red and white, the twenty-four little boxes taking you up to Christmas with a wealth of wonders.
  • Give in to Vincent Guerlais' chocolatey specialities in this Christmas parcel. We’re willing to bet that adults and children alike will share the same childlike spirit as they discover its many surprises!
  • An elegant Christmas tree decorated with pretty coloured parcels, Sébastien Bouillet's calendar promises to spoil you: every day there is a new sweet chocolate or biscuit treat to discover. We promise you this: your palate will be more than satisfied!
  • Climb aboard!  Patrick Agnellet's Gourmet Train is about to set off for Christmas. Board a new carriage every day from 1st to 24th December and break it open to discover the truffle being transported inside. A calendar which is sure to delight every discerning palate!

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