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Bûche de Noël selection

1 December 2020
Whether traditional or reinvented, the Bûche de Noël - or Yule log - has one common denominator from year to year: it is the stuff of dreams! Based around vanilla, citrus, chocolate or praline, discover the ways in which chefs are promising to treat you this year!
  • All aboard as we set off for the North Pole with this, letter which has just popped through Father Christmas’s letterbox. This year, Frédéric Cassel offers this limited edition log based around strawberry and vanilla.
  • Let a breeze of freshness and decadence waft across your Christmas table with this Piedmont hazelnut iced log with flower of salt caramel, bearing the name of Claire Damon.
  • This year, Laurent Duchêne offers us a limited edition “Christmas in the Forest” log. The rounded taste of chocolate blends subtly with the freshness of citrus.
  • What a delight it is to open one last package as the clock strikes dessert time! Vincent Guerlais offers his “Christmas magic”, a dessert based on yuzu and Corsican clementine, Ghanaian origin chocolate and gianduja!
  • If you want to celebrate Christmas in the tropics, then go for Mathieu Kamm’s Bûche de Noël based around milk chocolate, passionfruit and banana.
  • Arnaud Larher, meanwhile, will delight young and old alike as they discover the snowball hidden behind this delicate milk chocolate shell. Vanilla and chocolate will set your tastebuds dancing!
  • In his homage to the appearance of the traditional Yule log, Norihiko Terai has chosen to innovate this year, with his Bûche Cake de Noël, with its emphasis on chocolate in all its forms!
  • If tenderness and sharing are your thing, then you’ll go mad for “My Beautiful Christmas Tree” by Laurent Le Daniel, which combines a delicate dessert with an elegant chocolate centrepiece.

View a selection of Bûches de Noël by the Relais Desserts pastry chefs here:

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