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First Festival of Chocolate in the Dominican Republic’s

8 December 2020
Cacao Forest is taking part in the Dominican Republic’s first ever Festival of Chocolate.

From 10 to 13 December 2020 there will be:

  • 18 activities organised for online or in-person attendance
  • 14 companies taking part
  • Conferences with local and international experts on the cacao industry and cacao bean processing.

To find out more, follow this link:

Details of the programme can be found on the festival’s website:

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This festival, devised by the Exportat Calidad programme ( is intended to showcase Dominican chocolate and cacao, through a series of events (including a Dominican chocolate competition), conferences and networking activities. It has been organised with the help of the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, the Franco-Dominican chamber of trade and industry, the Dominican Environmental Consortium, chocolatiers Xocolat, Rizek and Chocolates Khao Caribe, and the Fancy Food Journal.

Cacao Forest’s teams in the Dominican Republic will have an opportunity during the festival to present the project. That will take place on Thursday 10 December at 12.30pm Dominican time (4.30pm GMT). It will be open to the general public on Zoom. It will run for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of questions/discussion on the theme of cultivated biodiversity and productivity at the cultivated plot level. To attend the webinar, go to:

All the workshops and conferences will be held in Spanish.