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Easter Selection 2021

22 March 2021
Be it a dessert or something to showcase chocolate, this year, as every year, our pastry chefs compete to show off their ingenuity and liven up your Easter egg hunt. Explore their latest creations here. Go on, let yourself be tempted!

This year, Jean-Paul Hévin offers a major piece from his Pop” subject collection, this all-chocolate version of the famous Arne Jacobsen armchair. A fine tribute to 1970s design!

Wrap yourself in the Nature-inspired, gentle, bucolic world of Maison Lenôtre: five chocolate animals and insects join the traditional Easter Bunny to delight young and old alike.

© Photos : caroline faccioli

A dancing procession of little sporting bunnies, artists, pastry chefs and gardeners... Which of these little subjects by Laurent Le Daniel will steal your heart?

© Photos : MLG

Delectation guaranteed with this Janauba  cake from Maelig Georgelin: hazelnut croustillant, praline crémeux, raspberry compôte; crème légère with milk chocolate and lime... Who could resist these eggs decorated with chocolate soldiers?

© Photos : Hervé Le Reste

Welcome to Nicolas Bernardé’s little garden, where you will meet some sweet little chocolate beasts. A little added extra for food lovers: their centres contain some wonderful surprises!

© Photos : Françoise Vauzeilles

With this milk chocolate and citrus dessert from Laurent Duchêne, you needn’t worry about breaking any eggs this year!

Dive into the Baroque undersea world imagined by Pierre Hermé and artisan decorator Thomas Boog. Shellfish and corals fashioned from caramelised blond chocolate, milk chocolate or single origin Belize dark chocolate intertwine in delicious alchemy.

This year, Richard Sève celebrates the tropical forest: mouthwatering flowers in shimmering colours are joined by an egg decorated with aquatic-themed treats... To delight food lovers of all ages!

© Photos : Philippe Jalin

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