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Bûches de Noël 2021: a seasonal round-up

1 December 2021
Some focus on spices, others on fruit, and others on chocolate. Whatever angle they choose, we cannot wait to see the Bûches de Noël (Yule logs) created by our chefs pâtissiers as their clever contribution to the festive season. Classic or innovative, see how they have been designed, and always with the same purpose in mind - to spoil you!

Vianney Bellanger invites us to join him on a sweet journey back to our childhood days, with his “Story” log. Presented in a Pinocchio design, this dessert centres on the winter flavours we love so much: chestnut, vanilla and blackcurrant.

Olivier Buisson brings us the promise of starry dreams with his immaculate “Star” log, taking vanilla to new heights with the lightest of mousses, blending with the sweetness of lightly candied apricot.

The majestic “My beautiful Christmas Tree, King of the Forest” from Frédéric Cassel, fully deserves the place of honour at the centre of your Christmas table, and will delight your guests’ tastebuds with its chocolate and hazelnut crumble, biscuit, hazelnut panna cotta and chocolate mousse.

Laurent Duchêne brings the festive roulade bang up to date, decorating it with a delicate thin chocolate bark. Expect to melt with pleasure at its combination of lemon, cardamom and chocolate!

Marc Ducobu moves away from the traditional Yule log rulebook, offering a Christmas crown that couldn’t be more modern! Decorated with little holly leaves and pretty baubles, it showcases a praline featuring almond and chocolate… in all its guises!

Whoever could have guessed that, underneath this impressive chocolate Christmas tree, there hides a dessert dreamt up by Vincent Guerlais? Uncompromisingly refined, it’s based around chocolate, pear and caramel, and will not fail to leave your guests speechless!

La Maison Guillet invites you to dive into the world of its enchanted forest and discover its “Canopy” log with its chocolate jewellery box concealing all the flavours of vanilla, pear, pecan and maple syrup.

This year, La Maison Pierre Hermé offers its “Wandering origin” dessert, which has the great advantage of being suitable for shipping. Wherever you find yourself, you can still yield to the temptations of this 100% chocolatey offering!

Resembling Sélestat, the town that Alsace pastry chef Matthieu Kamm calls home, this dessert combining the roundness of caramel with the character of chocolate will excite your tastebuds once again!

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