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Galettes 2022

23 December 2021
With New Year celebrations now behind us, an unstoppable tradition moves centre stage. To celebrate Epiphany, prolonging the festivities in the process, tradition demands that we allow ourselves one last opportunity for culinary indulgence. Which of these creations by our chefs pâtissiers will conquer your heart?

Laurent Duchêne pays homage to the Chantecler apple in his galette, accompanied by gently caramelised pine nuts and brown sugar. How could you resist the pleasure of a little glass of cider to go with this sweet delight?

Marc Ducobu celebrates one of the winter’s emblematic taste combinations, offering a flavoursome galette featuring chestnut and blackcurrant. The perfect balance between freshness and indulgence!

This year, La Maison Guillet has put its name to an “Ebony” galette: an elegant combination of puff pastry, ganache and chocolate frangipane, enhanced by delicate hazelnut shards.

This year, La Maison Pierre Hermé offers a laminated brioche with voluptuous curves, crying out to be shared and enjoyed in generous style. With its Iranian pistachio praline, we’re willing to bet you’ll find it hard to resist its enchanted perfume.

Arnaud Larher focuses on the simplicity of flavours to the star of the galette – almond – to a whole new level. Discover his subtle combination of puff pastry, almond paste and almond cream, each showing off the flavour of almonds to the max!

With its original square look, the galette by Laurent Le Daniel appeals to your childhood memories, giving pride of place to the comforting notes of Morello cherry and pistachio.

Over at Maison Lenôtre, chef pays tribute to Brigitte Bardot’s Riviera, with his Tropézienne–style galette. The sweetness of brioche is joined by a mandarin syrup, a crème pâtissière with lime zest, a pine nut and hazelnut praline, candied mandarin and a calisson-style pastry.

Discover the mythical pink praline galette des rois from Maison Sève, the fruit of a true craftsman’s skill. The pralines are created using the traditional copper pan method, using a clever mixture of sugar and vanilla. What a joy to discover them as you delve into the frangipane!

Éric Vergne promises us a galette that is synonymous with freshness and exoticism. His “Star of the Orchard” is based on an Échiré butter puff pastry, enhanced with a passionfruit frangipane and roasted apricots.

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