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A Chef, and a Producer , Jérôme Allamigeon and Lous Castagnes

7 March 2022
Jérôme Allamigeon set up the Alexandres Pastry in Montauban with Nathalie his wife in 2002. In 2006 he joined the Relais Desserts association.

In 2020, he heard about Lous Castagnes, a farm which produces hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts in Albias, a few kms from Montauban. Of course, like any chocolate patissier Jérôme Allamigeon uses a lot of hazelnuts, especially to make his praline. One of the Maison's emblematic products are its Crooks Bonbons produced in homage to the movie stars in Les Tontons Flingeurs (aka Crooks in Clover) from Montauban, and they too are coated hazelnuts.

It is therefore quite natural that Jérôme would want to make his specialty from locally produced hazelnuts. So he got in touch with Lous Castagnes, and he buys everything he needs for his products from Lous Castagnes, seduced by the quality of the products and proud to promote the craftsmen of his region.

Lous Castagnes is a family business created about thirty years ago and today run by Marion and Aurélien, brother and sister.

Historically, the farm was founded on the cultivation of chestnut trees – Lous Castagnes means Chestnuts - and over the years they diversified into walnuts and hazelnuts. The hazelnut trees grew so well at Marion and Aurélien farm in Albias that the family decided to expand their orchard.

The variety that Jerome chose is rich in hazelnut oil, giving it an incomparable flavour and smoothness. He confides his recipe for his Paris-Brest with us. This is a real gourmet ode to the hazelnut of Lous Castagnes.

We invite you to discover their product brand. Castaneas was developed during lockdown to reveal the richness of their orchards: roasted hazelnuts, aperitif hazelnuts, chestnut cream, spread or walnut oil. Find out more on their insta account: @castaneas_fr

Marie Loones for relais Desserts

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