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Easter selection 2022

29 March 2022 1
Once again our patissiers are doing everything they possibly can to produce vibrant chocolate delights which will excite your taste buds. They have taken their inspiration from the friendly animals that surround us, nature in general or more specifically our memories!

Maison Sève takes us on a dive into an ocean of milk chocolate with their friendly "Plouf" the Puffer Fish in the colours of spring and generously garnished with fries in its heart.

• Guy Krenzer and Maison Lenôtre are offering us an adventure into an enchanted universe where we can get a peek at each one of their explorers. You’ll meet a squirrel, a fox, a fawn, an owl and a woodpecker, perfect forest guides which will reveal all the mysteries to us.

• Laurent Le Daniel is taking us on an adventure alongside Coco, Pierre, Jeannot and Jojo. All these happy bunnies will lead us on a journey through the seasons with the sole objective of finding the Easter Egg before the bells ring...

• "Untouched", is an egg imagined by Pierre Herméa true ode to the work of nature. Its simple and "infinitely" raw appearance bears testimony to the work of the sea, salt, wind and sun. The driftwood is enhanced by chocolate and then adorned with a tasty sheen.

• Giving pride of place to Japan where the Maison now exports its chocolates, Christophe Roussel has imagined a "Maneki Neko". Made entirely of white chocolate, this welcoming little cat is an iconic lucky charm in the land of the Rising Sun.

• Jean Paul Hévin takes us back with nostalgia to the period of "Les Lendemains qui Chantent" or "The Days of Promise". He invites us to discover his chocolate montage as a vibrant homage to Edith Piaf's "Mon manège à moi" or "You're my Carousel".

• Maison Bellanger is offering us a Saint Honoré caramel and chocolate, borrowed from sweet poetry. With the allures of a majestic swan, it floats around vanilla, caramel and chocolate, and promises us a whirlwind of gourmet flavours.

• Vincent Guerlais is presenting a signature collection of humorous chicks which don't need to be asked to be tasted! Among this collection of "Toc Toc Cooking Pots", why don't you treat yourself to some "Fried Chicken", and be sure to enjoy more than just one!

• Among a whole series of bunnies and other friendly animals, you'll just melt with delight when you tast this praline bite imagined by Laurent Duchêne and his wife Kyoko. You won't be able to resists its sleek silhouette and fluffy tail.

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