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The winners of the Relais Desserts Charles Proust 2022 Competition

29 September 2022
Saori Sasaki of the Tokyo Patisserie School won the Relais Desserts Charles Proust Trophy and made history as the first woman to win the award.

For this the 2022 edition, Relais Desserts chose to organise the competition behind closed doors in an intimate atmosphere reserved only for professionals. The Yachts de Paris liner hosted this edition of the awards during which the candidates' creations were evaluated in complete anonymity by a professional jury.

The juries, chaired by Patrick Agnellet, were composed as follows:

Tasting Jury: Patrice Ibarboure, Jean-Paul Hévin, Maxime Frédéric, François Perret and Jeff Oberweis. 

Artistic Jury: Etienne Leroy, Franck Michel, Jonathan Mougel, Fabien Emery, Hideki Kawamura and Julien Boutonnet.

This year's theme was: Nature and the candidates had to make an artistic piece as well as a entremets, both with respect to the theme.

The tasting jury assessed the quality of the desserts proposed by the candidates. They took into account the taste qualities but also compliance with the theme. 

The tasting prize was awarded to Romain Bert, from the Maison Vincent Guerlais for his entremets Galawhich obtained the highest score in the tasting.

The artistic prize was awarded to Soari Sasaki's Purity which received the highest artistic rating.

Artistic piece by Saori Sasaki, Relais Desserts Charles Proust Trophy and Artistic Prize.

The Relais Desserts Charles Proust Trophy was awarded to Soari Sasaki who obtained the highest ranking as a total of the artistic and tasting scores.

Soari Sasaki in the presence of Vincent Guerlais and Jean-Paul Hévin who presented her with the Trophy.

2nd prize was awarded to Keita Tanaka of Japan Cake & Confection College for his piece and his Corsican dessert of abundance:

Presentation of the creations by other candidates:

Arnaud FILBET, Le Plaza Athénée - With his creation Quindio :

Kazuya HAGIMOTO, Patisserie Franck Fresson - With his creation Sovéria :

Steven Gerault, Maison Frédéric Cassel - With his creation Biloba :

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