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Welcome to 4 new Relais Desserts members

10 October 2022
Four new members joined the association during the annual seminar held on 19 September.

Each of them applied for membership and was supported by 2 "sponsors". They were then visited by membership panel to validate their application.

All that was left for them to do was to perform a demo in front of the Relais Desserts patissiers, and present an artistic piece. They all 4 carried out the mission brilliantly, thus enabling them to join the association.

Photograph from the presentation of Relais Desserts jackets and the plaques they will be able to affix in their shop. They were presented by Vincent Guerlais, President of the association and Jeff Oberweis and Pierre Hermé, vice-presidents.

Presentation of each person:


This native of Poitiers, who is very attached to his homeland, began his apprenticeship with Alain Rigaud in Saint-Julien-l'Ars, who would give him a taste for the profession. 

However, it was the meeting with Mr. Bernard Andrieux, the owner of la maison Fink at the time, that would turn everything on its head for him and create a love for chocolate. He would continue his studies with a vocational diploma, including a complementary course in chocolate making. 

In 2005 he was hired in Paris in one of the best patisseries in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, that of Gérard Mulot, in which he ascended all levels. Several years later, he had the opportunity to return home and take over from his apprenticeship managers. Today having been at the head of the Fink patisseries for more than 10 years, he is pleased to be able to transmit his passion to his apprentices. 

Desserts and presentation piece by Alexandre Gely


After brilliant studies in Italy, this chef has climbed the echelons of the world of patisserie in just a few years. Recognized by his peers for both his talent and his knowledge, he won numerous prizes including the gold medal at the Italian Championships of 2008, and the silver medal at the World Patisserie Cup. 

It is only natural that in 2013 he would become the coveted champion of the World Chocolate Masters competition with his sculpture "Forever Taste", which measured more than two metres in height. On October 26, 2020, David also received the Master of Art & Crafts Award in Italy. 

He is the youngest chef ever to have received this award. 

Today David Comaschi is director of the Chocolate Academy Center in Milan and continues to impress both the general public and his colleagues with his ideas combining design, grandeur and delight. 

Davide Comaschi desserts and presentation piece


Vincent Vallée discovered the world of catering and pastry at a very young age thanks to his holiday job in  his parents' restaurant "Villa Dilecta" 1 Michelin guide macaron. Seduced by the creative possibilities offered by patisserie, he undertook an apprenticeship at the age of 15 with Jean Claude David (the best ice cream maker in France). He passed his vocational patisserie diploma and won the title of Best Apprentice of Vendee. 

He joined the teams of Alain Chartier (Relais Desserts, best ice cream maker in France and world champion of frozen desserts) to acquire his complementary qualification, and his technical diploma as a patissier. He worked for three years with Patrick Gelencser, a passionate master chocolatier (Relais Desserts), where he discovered the passionate and demanding work of the "Bean to Bar". 

On the search for new horizons, he left for the Southwest and became head of the pastry / chocolate laboratory at Thierry Bamas (best patissier in France and world champion of frozen desserts). 

With his passion for excelling, he constantly participates in competitions, in this way nourishing his artistic and technical requirements. His experiences and the support of his mentors have enabled him to win with the title of World Chocolate Master by offering taste creations whose balance is meticulously and passionately developed to moment of perfect harmony. 

Vincent Vallée desserts and presentation piece


From an early age, Marijn knew that his love for pastry and chocolate would take him on a far away journey. His first internships in Japan marked his creative inspiration. The famous Ducobu patisserie in Waterloo, where he trained 
in the benevolent environment of Marc Ducobu (Relais Desserts), also played a decisive role in his identity as a chocolatier / patissier. 

In 2007, Marijn received national recognition when he was elected Belgian Chocolate Champion at the Belgian Chocolate Masters Final. Then later, at the world level he received the bronze medal at the 2011 World Patisserie Championship in Lyon.  

Marijn then managed the Peninsula Hong Kong team for 5 years as a chocolatier. In 2015, he won the title of Belgian Chocolate Champion for the second time. That same year, he took part in the World Championship of Chocolate Masters in Paris, where he received the bronze medal. 

In 2016 he opened his company in Ghent. 

 Marijn Coertjens desserts and presentation piece 

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