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Chocolate selection

17 October 2022
As autumn quietly settles in, those of us with a sweet tooth will easily be tempted by the small chocolate treats. Between lollipops, praline-filled bars, and other gourmet bars, discover what treats our patissiers and chocolatiers have planned for you...

Taking his inspiration from the natural environment, Patrick Agnellet has created "Aravis", those delicious little rocks of Gianduja with hazelnut, hazelnut chips and cocoa. A specialty you will want to fill your mouth with!

Resolutely gourmet and delicately tasty, Nicolas Bernardé 's praline-filled bar combines the sweetness of dark chocolate or milk chocolate with the roundness of a homemadecrunchy praline. How could you possibly resist?

Jean-Philippe Darcis, famous for his "Bean to Bar" chocolate,offersa retro version of the white chocolate bar. Made with the best ingredients, all topped off with an organic pistachio praline. This gourmet bar will seduce young and old alike!

Laurent Duchêne and his wife Kyoko, a chocolatier at the Maison, offera delightful version of a chocolate bear. Handcrafted marshmallow and chocolate come together to bring this pretty face to life!

Patrick Gelencser celebrates autumn with these beautiful gourmet chestnutsrevolving around a chestnut cream delicately coated with a thin layer of dark and milk chocolate. A seasonal delight not to be missed!

Easy to carry and  practical  to  taste,  the lollipop bites of  Jean-Paul  Hévin can be enjoyed  at any time of the day! There can be no more  excuses for your gourmet taste...

A tribute to Switzerland and its high mountain peaks, the "Dents du Midi" are an original creation by Damien Moutarlier. These are delicate milk and dark chocolatemountain-like sweets topped with a creamy hazelnut praline made with Madagascar vanilla. A complete change of scenery!

Standing on a bar of Dulcey blond chocolate with notes of caramel, this crab imagined by Christophe Roussel consists of a shell of milk chocolate from Madagascar, containing a crispy praline with sparkling sugar inits heart. From the very first bite, you are transported to the beach.

With hazelnut, peanut, orange, pistachio, coconut or lemon, the gourmet bars signed Vincent Vallée will seduce all palates! With such pop and colourful visuals, this is the chocolate-maker's promise of an extended summer.

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