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Advent Calendar Selection 2022

7 November 2022
As the first of December approaches, young and old alike are looking forward to opening a new box every day in their Advent Calendar ! Find out how our patissiers have decided to delight you this year.

Sébastien Bouillet offers his signature brightly coloured calendar that contains 24 different small boxes of sweets, chocolates, marshmallows, cookies and other exclusive creations. Discover the sweet pleasures made in Bouillet!

As the first of December approaches, you'll fall in love with this chalet-style multi-storey cottage. As you taste the boxes, you will discover delicious little moulded chocolates from the Maison Laurent Duchêne.

This year Alexandre Gely has signed a calendar that honours the city of Poitiers and its Ferris wheel. A calendar that will delight young and old alike!

Vincent Guerlais 's calendar centred around the theme "Christmas at the Manor" comes in the form of a book about Santa Claus with 24 sweet wonders emblematic of the patissier!

Pierre Hermé has signed an exceptional calendar at the heart of which is a welcoming a glass bauble made in the artisan glass workshops of Meisenthal. Its golden facets are reminiscent of Parisian street lights and fits into the theme chosen by the patissier for his 2022 collection.

Chocolate sweets, mini-tablets, beggars, caramels, chocolate pucks: take your seat aboard Jean-Paul Hévin 's fly boat and discover his entire gourmet universe during this 24-box cruise.

Pascal Lac honours both the village of Megève, an Alsatian village and a polar village where through a forest of snow-covered fir trees, Santa's sleigh can be seen. Your mouth waters for his 24 gourmet treats.

The magic of Christmas is celebrated at Lenôtre in a mountain chalet that looks both cosy and gourmet. Beyond this illustration by Clémence Monot, you will discover tasty chocolates, pralines, ganaches and other small sweets.

Discover the enchanted village of Vincent Valléefull of gourmet treats and generosity: scented chocolate candies, fruit pastes, beggars, caramels, rocks, marshmallow bears... How could you possibly resist?

Pascal Dupuy, a pioneer in this field, based in Oslo, offers an elegant calendar made of red and white, the emblematic colours of Norway. Around its 24 squares, discover 12 flavours of chocolate truffles and succumb to this thick coating of snow!

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