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Cacao Forest: Producers testify.

15 November 2022
We are pleased to be able to share this video gathering the testimonies of several actors of the Cocoa Forest project in the Dominican Republic, including 6 producers.

They talk about what the project means for them, their land and the future of Dominican cocoa farming.

The Cacao Forest project that has been rolling out for 6 years now has really impacted the way cocoa farming is being considered in the country. Producer cooperatives are looking more confidently into the future, with more profitable and resilient crop models and the possibility of better valuing cocoa crops in agroforestry models. In addition, the models studied in the framework of the project, and therefore particularly adapted to the Dominican soils and climate, are being deployed beyond the test plantations, as part of a project to rehabilitate cocoa plantations throughout the country.

English subtitle video:

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