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Christmas treats around the world

24 November 2022
Christmas dessert is traditionally associated with a yuletide log, but the worldwide members of our patisserie association want to show off their own specialties. Let's embark on a world tour of gourmet Christmas treats!

Andréas Acherer offers small Lebkuchen, a traditional German gingerbread presented in individual portions.

Our Spanish member Daniel Alvarez offers a mellow version of an Alsatian Kouglof with Mediterranean flavours. A speciality to share at any time of the day!

Oriol Balaguerbased in Barcelona, offers an elegant "Christmas Tree of Rocattones". Enjoy family sharing of these panettone pieces coated in 70% dark chocolate.

Almonds, meringue and acacia honey are in the spotlight in this mandorlato, a nougat offered in individual portions by our Italian member, Luigi Biasetto.

Our stopover in Italy continues with this Torrone al Gianduia by Fabrizio Galla: acacia honey, hazelnut paste, cognac, cocoa nibs, pistachio, chocolate, dried fruit and candied orange peel combine in a perfect alchemy.

Discover a Barewecka in brioche, an Alsatian brioche specialty by Thierry Gilg. Indulge yourself in its intoxicating and tasty notes of dried fruit.

Back now in Germany, enjoy these little Vanillagipfeli in Grand Mere style by Volker Gmeiner. Almond powder and vanilla are in the spotlight in these dry Christmas petits fours!

A traditional Alsatian patisserie, the Barewacka in brioche is worked into the form of a crown by the Japanese patissier Yoshiaki Kanekoin the manner of a pear petit pain.

Emblematic of Germanic culture for Christmas, Florian Koller offers his Stollen made with Smyrna grapes, candied oranges, lemons and citrons.

Immediate boarding for the USA with this signature pecan pie by John Kraus! Allow yourself to be seduced by his little winter twist with cinnamon!

Discover the ricciarelli of the Italian patissier, Luca Mannori: tasty traditional biscuits made with almonds, sugar, honey and vanilla from Madagascar.

Welcome to Alsace, where Christmas specialities are well represented and indulge in this pie by Thierry Mulhaupt which combines the sweet side of warm wine with Christmas spices, soft and dried fruits.

Last port of call in Spain for this Christmas around the world: give in to Moniqui, a variety of panettone, apricots and ginger from Jordi Tugues.

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