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Charing excellence

Relais Desserts or the inflexibility of a common purpose

Because pastry is a fully fledged art without compromise, Relais Desserts has been created around the master word of “Excellence”. A fully mastered technique and a meticulous precision are the backbone of the creative universe on which every member leans upon to express his own sensitivity and to particularise his inspiration.


Dacquoise Fruits Rouges

Relais Desserts is the guarantee, therefore, of unequalled know-how and inflexible quality brought to its pinnacle, to be passed on from generation to generation.

To the President of Relais Desserts, Frédéric Cassel, “the search for excellence is a dynamic, an impetus, which allows to excel, to be the best. It is at the heart of our creative approach, of our search for innovative products or processes and can be traced in the way our boutiques and laboratories are held.

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