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Emotion and Creation

Relais Desserts or the creators of the trends of tomorrow

The universe of sugar has always sparked fascination and curiosity; a plea for happiness, for the pleasures of senses, calling on emotions. Pastry invokes childhood and souvenirs and “Proust’s Madeleine” is no tampering of identity. Artisans evolving in this universe intensify their creativity to give new life to the timeless classics of pastry; injecting new air and creating the longings of tomorrow.


Members of Relais Desserts naturally master the common platform of the inescapable: Religieuse, Opéra, Paris Brest, Saint Honoré or Millefeuille will always be part of the fantastical universe of the gourmet, of the lover of good food.


Over and above these timeless stars, our artisans indefinitely create new pleasures with hitherto unseen recipes, the result of their creative genius, according to their inspirations and desires. Their creations of today will be the classics of tomorrow. Pastry chefs at Relais Desserts are truly creators of tastes, with French pastry as their spearheads.


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