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Actions in the field

Concrete and transposable headway

The project started in the Dominican Republic and should soon move onto Peru.

Today, 2 experts have been appointed on a full time basis in the Dominican Republic, just for Cocoa Forest:

Martin, of CIRAD, who is specifically in charge of the agronomical aspects, production techniques and cadastral plots…

Alexandre from TFT coordinates the sales and logistical aspects of the project.


The project has three major components:

An agronomical focus:

  • Analysis of the existing cocoa plantations (density, variety, age and tree trimming, species that co-exist on the plantation) and the actual production
  • Protocol elaboration of agro-forestry tests
  • Follow-up on the tests, adaptation and recommendations



A sales focus:

  • The stakes of agro-forestry are for the growers to live comfortably from their harvests.
  • To help the growers find sales solutions for the plantation production: fruit sales at open markets, production of heating wood, sales to local industries to make fruit juice and smoothies.


A human focus:

  • The project is built around the idea of helping producers but in no way to impose on them methods from elsewhere.
  • Cocoa Forest has the ambition to make producers autonomous, allow them to unite in order to make joint decisions and have more leverage when they organize as cooperatives.



At the end of July 2015, Cocoa Forest negotiated partnership contracts with three Dominican Republic producers’ cooperatives, which represent 72 plots situated in key regions to implement testing of productive agro-forestry.



To check out the progress of the project in the field every month on this website, click here.

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