Friday 30 October 2020


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Jean-Christophe JEANSON

In order to offer all his guests a unique pleasure experience, from the smallest day-to-day moments to real moments of exception, every day Maison Lenôtre keeps alive the values passed on by its founder, Gaston Lenôtre: selection of and respect for good ingredients, searching for excellence and sharing know-how.

It is this passion for the profession and this taste for work well done which drives Jean-Christophe Jeanson, Lenôtre’s pastry chef for the last ten years. Curious by nature, he rushes away from established flavours, challenges known tastes and textures, with the desire to create emotions. To do this, he draws inspiration from anywhere it can be found.
Superior pastry chef and culinary know-how can be added to his excellent experience and service which have enabled Maison Lenôtre to develop constantly for 60 years, both in France and internationally. His activities currently make him a key player in the gastronomy professions: shops to offer the best of take-away cuisine, the organisation of exceptional events to respond to an ever more demanding clientele and the prestigious Lenôtre School, at the heart of creative and production workshops, to train and advise professionals and amateurs.

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