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Boudoir biscuit

119 g sugar

167 g egg white

95 g egg yolk

60 g flour

60 g starch flour


Sweet shortcrust pastry

235 g butter

163 g icing sugar

52 g ground almonds

91 g egg

3 g salt

391 g flour


Absinthe green lime cream

300 g egg

270 g sugar

14 g lime zest

240 g lime juice

38 g mint leaf

3 gelatine

135 g butter


Green tomato jelly

921 g green tomato juice

58 g sugar

21 g gelatine




Boudoir biscuit

Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks, adding the sugar in three stages. Add the yolks, then the sifted dry ingredients. Spread onto a 0.500 kg baking sheet. Bake on a vented tray. 190°C for 10 minutes. Cut out 6 cm discs for individual tarts, 14 cm for a 4-serving size or 20 cm for an 8-serving size. Store in the freezer.


Sweet shortcrust pastry

Weigh out the butter the day before and leave at room temperature. The next day, cream together the butter and icing sugar with a whisk, rub in the dry ingredients.

Then add the eggs, taking care not to over-work the dough. Divide into balls and seal well with cling film. The next day, roll out and prick well:

– 2.2 for individual tartlets / cut into 11 cm rounds

– 3 for tarts / cut into 21 cm and 27 cm for 8 servings

After a few hours, place in the bottom of buttered tins:

– 8 cm for individual tartlets

– 16 cm for 4-serving tarts

– 22 cm for 8-serving tarts

The next day, cover with cling film and baking beans. Bake at 160°C .

Absinthe green lime cream

Weigh all the ingredients. Zest and squeeze the limes and start cooking immediately. Heat the eggs / sugar/ lime juice and zest to 85°C. Add the mint leaves; infuse for 12 minutes, covering the mixture with cling film. Strain the liquid, then squeeze out and stir in the gelatine. Using a mixer, mix in the butter at 45°C. Set aside.

Green tomato jelly

Wash / cut up and centrifuge the green zebra tomatoes. Warm 10% of the juice with the sugar, then add the melted gelatine. Stir without incorporating any air. Store in a jar in small quantities, so that you can warm only the small quantity needed for a batch. Store in a cold room for 2 days.

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