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- Chalet Comtois-


By Joël Baud




For 4 iced entremets



  • 4 stainless steel half spheres, 16 cm in diameter
  • 1 thermometer for the baking of sugar



Chocolate ice cream

  • 1,200 g



Orange marmalade

  • 60 g orange juice
  • 200 g whole oranges, cut into pieces
  • 250 g caster sugar (125 g + 125 g)
  • 3 g NH pectin / en attente de correction d’auteur.



Gingerbread parfait

  • 200 g gingerbread
  • 200 g single cream
  • 170 g caster sugar (50 g + 120 g)
  • 60 g water (20 g + 40 g)
  • 80 g egg yolks
  • 60 g egg whites
  • 300 g whipped cream



Almond Dacquois

  • 125 g egg whites
  • 75 g sugar
  • 100 g white almond powder



Run through



Orange marmalade

Bake the orange juice, the pieces of orange and 125 g of caster sugar for about 10 minutes.

Add the remaining 125 g of sugar mixed with the NH pectin and bring to the boil again for a few minutes before mixing.

Make the mix cool rapidly and put away in the refrigerator.



Gingerbread parfait


Dissolve the gingerbread in the warm single cream.

Prepare a pâte à bombe by cooking 50 g of sugar and 20 g of water at 115°C (240°F) and pouring the syrup on the egg yolks before raising the mix until it has totally cooled.

Prepare an Italian meringue by cooking 120 g of sugar and 40 g of water at 118°C (355°F).

Mix the pâte à bombe and the Italian meringue and add the gingerbread mix.

To finish, incorporate the whipped cream.

Store away in the refrigerator before dressing.


Almond Dacquois

Whisk the egg whites at medium speed with a blender until they become foamy and raise the speed of the blender. Incorporate the sugar by sprinkling.

Using a spatula, sprinkle the almond powder on top.

Raise 4 disks, 15 cm in diameter, with a 12 mm pastry bag, in concentric circles.

Also raise a large rectangle in which you will cut 7 cm x 6 cm pieces after baking, to produce the roof of the chalet.

Sprinkle with icing sugar before putting in a ventilated oven at 150°C (300°F) for 12 to 15 minutes.




Place the moulds in the refrigerator in advance.

Coat them with chocolate ice cream on a thickness of 15 mm approximately, and harden them in the freezer.

Add a little orange marmalade and harden in the freezer once again.

Pour the gingerbread parfait up to approximately 1 cm above the mould and place in the freezer.

Add a little orange marmalade and lay a disk of Dacquois on top before putting in the freezer overnight.


The following day, unmold the iced entremets by soaking them during a few seconds in a recipient equipped with a circle at the bottom, to hold the half sphere, and filled with a little lukewarm water.


For connoisseurs, spray a mix of 250 g cocoa butter and 250 g black chocolate on the iced entremets with a chocolate pistol.

Cut 2 rectangles in the Dacquois (7 cm x 6 cm) for the roof of the chalet. Sprinkle with icing sugar and stick them together with Chantilly.

Apply a few layers of Chantilly to make the snow, using a ribbed pastry bag.

For décors such as doors and windows, use almond paste.

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