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- Chocolate ganache “Turrón” with olive oil-


For 4 tablets, 300g each



  • 4 chocolate bar moulds of 300 g



  • Black chocolate moulding
  • Olive oil bread, salt and chocolate
  • Olive oil chocolate ganache



Black chocolate moulding

  • 200 g black couverture chocolate 64 % cocoa


Temper the chocolate and line the bar-shaped moulds.



For small quantities of chocolate, use the “seeding” technique, which is faster than “table-glazing”.

Warm up two thirds of the black chocolate at 50-55°C and incorporate one third of the non-crystallised chocolate.

Mix with a spatula until the chips have melted. The black chocolate should reach a temperature of 31-32°C.



Line the moulds three times with a brush, letting each layer crystallise before applying the next layer (moderate thickness).

Put away at room temperature.


Olive oil bread, salt and chocolate

  • 100 g country bread
  • 50 g melted black couverture chocolate 64 % cocoa
  • 15 g olive oil
  • 10 g fleur de sel


Cut the bread into 1x1cm cubes and grill them deeply in the oven.

Spray a trickle of olive oil and sprinkle some fleur de sel on the grilled bread.

Cover them with the chocolate, which you will have melted in a bain-marie or in the microwave oven, while mixing them rapidly and delicately.

Lay the bread cubes on a sheet of baking paper, avoiding any contact between them.

Leave the coated cubes to cool in the refrigerator until they are hard.


Olive oil chocolate ganache

  • 550 g black chocolate
  • 125 g milk chocolate
  • 200 g cream 35 % fat
  • 75 g olive oil


Chop the black chocolate and the white chocolate together.

Warm up the cream and pour it on top of the chocolate.

Emulsify with a hand whip and mix with a spatula while adding the olive oil slowly.




Pour 50g of chocolate ganache in each mould and place an adequate quantity of grilled bread.

Finish by covering delicately with the remaining ganache.

Leave to cool for approximately 10 hours in the refrigerator until the chocolate has crystallised.

Cover with some black melted chocolate.

As soon as this last layer has hardened, unmould the turrón.

These bars can be kept for one month at room temperature.




Before grilling the bread in the oven, spray it with some water to make its internal and external textures homogenous and to obtain a better taste.




* Tempering of chocolate

The purpose of tempering is to stabilise the little crystals that are present in cocoa butter to obtain a chocolate that is easy to unmould, shiny and brittle. A temperature curb (T1, T2 and T3) has to be followed during the procedure, which is specific to each type of chocolate (black, white or milk): it must first be melted at T1, then cooled down at T2 and stabilised at T3, the ideal temperature to handle it.



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