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- Honey moon, soft honey and fruit caramels-



For 1,5 kg



  • 1 cooking thermometer


Soft caramel

  • 235g sugar
  • 144g buckwheat honey
  • 72g glucose
  • 580g cream
  • 72g butter
  • 200g roasted and grinded almonds
  • 80g candied ginger in small pieces
  • 120g candied oranges cut into cubes


Bake the sugar, the honey, the glucose and the cream in a pan at 119,5°C (390°F), mixing all the time.

Stop the heat and add the butter, then delicately mix the dry fruits and the candied fruits.

Using a blade, spread the caramel on a framed Silpat, 1cm thick. You can also use the cover of a square metal box.

Leave to harden in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

To finish, cut the caramels with a kitchen knife in squares of 1 x 3cm.

Caramels can be stored safely in a wrapper or in a metal box, away from humidity.

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