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350 g almonds, blanched and grilled
75 g pistachios, blanched
250 g sugar
10 cl water
150 g glucose
250 g honey
3 egg whites
A little powdered sugar


In a small copper saucepan, mix together the sugar, water, glucose and honey and heat on low until the syrup obtains the hard crack stage (149-154 °C).

Roast the almonds and the pistachios in a frying pan without burning them, then keep them warm.

Beat the egg whites until firm. Slowly pour the cooked sugar in a trickle over the egg whites, stirring constantly. To finish, dry out the mixture in a double-boiler.

Test the temperature by putting a small amount of the mixture on the point of a knife then running cold water over it before snapping the blade. If the piece comes off, the nougat is cooked. Add the warm almonds and pistachios, mix together.

Pour the nougat mixture onto a counter top covered with powdered sugar.

Cool and cut the nougat with a serrated-knife. Store in cellophane wrap

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Albert Escobar, awarded « Meilleur Ouvrier de France », and his successor Eric Escobar. Here, two generations of Master chocolate-makers use their know-how in pursuit of excellence and most particularly nougat. Their nougat, the texture of which is dense yet soft, is sweetened by lavender honey. A [...]

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