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For 72 macaroons approximately (corresponding to 144 shells)


Hazelnut puffed praliné
Praline cream
Praline macaroon biscuit

Two days before, prepare the hazelnut praliné, the squares of hazelnut puffed praliné and the praline cream.


Roasted and grinded hazelnuts

270g whole piedmont hazelnuts with their skin

Heat the oven at 170°c (th. 6). Roast the 270g of hazelnuts on a baking tray for 15mn. Quickly put the hazelnuts into a wide-meshed sieve. Roll them to get rid of the skins and pour them into a plastic pouch. Crunch them into average sized pieces with a rolling pin. Remove 20g and put the remaining 250g into the hot oven, which you have turned off.



Hazelnut praliné

40g mineral water
150g caster sugar
½ a vanilla pod
250g roasted and grinded piedmont hazelnuts


Bring the mineral water to the boil incorporating the sugar and the half pod of vanilla, split in two and without seeds. As soon as the syrup reaches 121°c, add the pieces of lukewarm hazelnuts. Mix until the sugar takes the appearance of sand and leave to caramelise, stirring regularly. Pour the caramelised hazelnuts on a backing tray. Remove the vanilla pod and let cool. To finish, mix in the pulse mode without grinding them too thin; lumps should appear in the paste.



Squares of hazelnut puffed pralinés

85g gavottes
45g 40% jivara cocoa Valrhona or of 40% cocoa milk chocolate
65g hazelnut praliné
60% fruits Valrhona
100g piedmont hazelnut paste Valrhona
20g la viette butter
20g roasted and grinded piedmont hazelnuts


Crumble the gavottes. Melt the chocolate in a 40-45°c bain-marie after grinding it with a serrated knife. Incorporate the hazelnut praliné, the hazelnut paste and the pieces of butter into the melted chocolate. Mix homogeneously and add the 20g of grinded hazelnuts and the crumbled gavottes.

Pour the mix on a baking dish covered with a stretch-wrap to a thickness of 4mm. Let cool for an hour and put in the freezer for 2 hours. To finish, remove the stretch-wrap and cut out into 1.5cm squares. Put in the refrigerator.



Praline cream

50g cocoa butter Valrhona
200g hazelnut praliné Valrhona
200g hazelnut praliné
150g La Viette butter


Melt the cocoa butter in a bain-marie. Mix in a blender with a piece of hazulnut praliné and melted cocoa butter. Pour into a dish and put into the refrigerator.

The next day, finish the praline cream by mixing the butter for 5 minutes and slowly incorporate the mix of pralines and cocoa butter.


Praline macaroon biscuit

300g icing sugar
150g almond powder
150g piedmont hazelnut powder
220g liquefied egg whites
75g mineral water
300g caster sugar
50g slivered hazelnuts for the finishing touch


Sieve the icing sugar with the almond powder and the hazelnut powder and pour 110g of egg whites, without mixing.

Bring the mineral water to a boil with the added sugar and bring to 118°c, measured with an electronic sensor. When the syrup reaches 115°c, begin to whip up the remaining egg whites.

Pour the baked sugar on the whites. Whisk and let cool down to 50°c before blending into the mix of icing sugar and almond powder while knocking back the paste. Pour into a n°11 pastry bag.

Shape rounds of paste of a diameter of about 3.5cm, spacing them out by 2cm on pastry trays covered with baking paper. Sprinkle with the slivered hazelnuts. Pat the trays on the working table, which you have covered with a cloth, to spread the biscuits slightly. Leave the shells to crust for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. Heat the oven, fan-assisted, at 180°c (thermostat 6). Put the trays in the oven and cook for 12 minutes, opening the door twice to evacuate the dampness. Once out of the oven, slide the leaves of biscuit onto the working table.




Pour the praline cream into a n°11 pastry bag with a smooth nozzle. Garnish the shells with cream halfway to the top. Lightly push a square of frozen hazelnut puffed praliné at the centre of the shelf and cover with the other half of the shell by pressing it lightly.

Keep the macaroons in the refrigerator for 24 hours and take out 2 hours before savouring them.

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