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By Relais Desserts
For 8 persons




Choux pastry

63 g water

63 g whole milk

50 g butter

75 g flour

2,5 g fine salt

2,5 g caster sugar

125 g whole eggs


Light praline ganache

113 g water

20 g powder milk

3 g gelatine powder (+15 g water)

135 g praline

55 g cocoa butter

65 g egg whites

113 g liquid cream 35% fat


Other ingredients





Choux pastry

In a saucepan, bring the water, the milk, the salt, the sugar and the butter to a boil. Sieve the flour. Add the flour in the liquid and dry out at high heat. Away from the heat, incorporate the eggs progressively. Raise the choux pastry with a n°14 pastry bag in the shape of éclairs of 15 cm. Insert the éclairs in the preheated and ventilated oven at 250°C (480°F), do not restart the oven and keep shut. As soon as the choux pastry starts to rise and colour, turn the oven on at 180°C (355°F) and open the door. Slowly finish the drying out of the choux pastry.


Light praline ganache

Pour the hot water on the powder milk in two steps. Mix the cocoa butter, the praline and the gelatine (hot gelatine mass) in 2 steps and add the previous mix. Mix the egg whites and the cold cream in 2 steps and add the previous mix. Reserve in a cold place during 24 hours. Emulsify with a whisk during 2 to 3 minutes.


Assembly and presentation

Cut the caps of the Paris-Vichy. Poach balls from the preparation on the pastry shell Choux pastry and insert a dash of praline. Place the cap and decorate according to your taste. To be eaten chilled without moderation and with Vichy sparkling water!


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