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- Purple cassis cream baba-


Pastry à baba

50 g warm melted butter
50 g milk
10 g bio baker’s yeast
2,5 g salt
20 g caster sugar
2 small eggs
150 g T65 fine wheten flou

Add ingredients to a small whisking bowl in the order they are mentioned above.
Knead pastry for 15 minutes (the pastry should come away from the bowl walls).
Mould the pastry into silicon moulds of your choice, three-quarters full.
Allow the pastry to rise up to just the mould edge, then put in the oven at 150°C for 45 minutes.
Remove from mould as soon as baking is finished.

Prepare babas at least the day before.


Cassis Blended with rum syrup

600 g water
230 g caster sugar
50 g bardinet négrita rum blended with cassis (for 750 ml, soak 300 g of Noir de Bourgogne cassis in alcohol)
50 g cassis

Prepare your rum blended with cassis several months in advance.
Boil up the water/sugar syrup and rum with the cassis.
Mix it all up then soak your babas until there is complete absorption.


Chantilly cream

200 g 35% fluid cream
25 g vanilla sugar

Mix in the sugar with the very cold cream.
Foam the contents up using a whisk in a very cold bowl.
Arrange the chantilly cream on the babas.
Add violet candy petals.

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