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To fill two moulds, 24 cm in diameter (height 3 cm)


Charlotte biscuit


500 g egg white (1 egg white weighs approximately 30 g)

350 g caster sugar

350 g egg yolk (1 egg yolk weighs approximately 20 g)

250 g T45 flour (for pastry-making)

60 g corn starch or cornflour

Raspberry jam




Whisk the egg whites stiffly with the sugar and salt. Fold into the egg yolks, add the flour,

corn starch and lemon. Spread the raspberry jam over four discs of 22 cm in diameter and make into two rolls. Bake at 230 °C. Cut the rolls in half (making four rolls). Freeze, then cut into 3 cm strips. Line the rings and put a Charlotte biscuit in each one.


Raspberry mousse


500 g raspberry pulp

100 g caster sugar

25 g raspberry brandy

17 g gelatine

425 g whipped cream


Make a mousse: soak the gelatine, wring it out and dissolve it in the alcohol.

Pour into the raspberry pulp and gently fold in the sweetened whipped cream.

Fill the rings halfway. Place a biscuit disc on top.


Chocolate mousse (Prepared the day before)


280 g dark chocolate (Valrhona pure Caribbean)

30 g hazelnut paste

40 g honey

40 g glucose syrup

310 g cream

700 g cream


Heat together 310 g cream with the honey and glucose syrup, then pour over the chocolate and hazelnut paste.

Make a ganache and mix with the 700 g of cream.

Whip (not too stiffly) with an electric whisk and add to the rings.

Place the 2nd biscuit disc on the raspberry mousse, then the chocolate mousse and the second layer of biscuit.

Coat the top with a raspberry jelly.


Decorate as you wish and serve with the raspberries.





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