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Ingredients for 60 marshmallows

Mix 1

480 g (17 oz) sugar

180 g (6 oz) invert sugar

190 g (7 oz) water

1 Madagascar vanilla pod

Cook the sugar, the invert sugar, the previously split and scrubbed vanilla pod and the water at a temperature of 110°C/230°F.

Mix 2

263 g (9.3 oz) invert sugar

38 g (1.3 oz) powder gelatin 200

228 g (8 oz) cold water

2.5 g (0.1 oz) diluted citric acid

16 g (0.6 oz) cocoa butter

10 g (0.3 oz) liquid vanilla

Lay the invert sugar at the bottom of the vat and add mix 1, pouring it while whipping it with a whisk set on position 2. Go to position 3 as soon as the whole of mix 1 has been poured.

Melt the gelatin with water in the microwave oven and pour in the vat. Mix till you get a ribbon.

Add the citric acid, the preheated cocoa butter (40°C/105°F) and the liquid vanilla. As soon as the mixture is homogeneous, pour between 60cm/25″ long rulers, 2cm/0.8″ thick placed on paraffined paper (just a few drops painted with a brush are enough). Store away for the night at room temperature. Note that the meringue can be poured in Flexipan moulds of any shape.

Cut the marshmallow with a slicer on the next day.

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