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Two Relais Desserts meetings are organized every year

The first is a work seminar and takes place in the fall. It gathers Relais Desserts members and their guests, partners of the association exclusively.

The other focuses on communications and happens in the spring. It is open to the public and presents the Haute Pastry world; it is the Relais Desserts International Meetings.

The autumn seminar

The autumn seminar is an opportunity for all members of the association to share their knowledge and know-how, to discover new products, new techniques and to meet the association’s partners.

This trade seminar also allows the whole group to meet and nurture the association’s spirit based on its values of sharing and exchange.

It takes place at the Ecole Ferrières, in Ferrières en Brie (77).

Relais Desserts International meetings

Each spring, an association member organizes the Relais Desserts International Meetings in his city. During several days, he welcomes all the members and their spouses and proposes an agenda, which focuses on company life and the discovery of regional pastries.

Thanks to an exceptional evening open to the public, these meetings are the opportunity to introduce the Haute Pastry world as well as the latest Association Pastry chefs’ creations.

This gathering also allows the whole group to keep up with training through an intense work program that goes from customer relations—often handled by spouses—to marketing 4.0, including tomorrow’s commerce and new trends in gastronomy.

It is also an opportunity to preserve the Association’s values of exchange and sharing.

In April 2023, the International Meetings should take place in Albi, at M. Michel Belin’s. 

Padoue 2022

From 15 to 18 May 2022 Luigi Biasetto welcomed his friends Relais Desserts to his home. 

Luigi and Sandra had concocted a very rich and varied program around the pastry professions of course but also the discovery of the region and its cultural treasures.

This is how the seminar began on Sunday, May 15, in the Palazzo della Ragione, for the very select «Tasting of the Chefs». Imagine discovering the creations of 90 Relais Desserts chefs in one place! The days that followed were rich with teachings, as much through the lectures offered, the visit of the laboratory and the shop of the Maison Biasetto…

Septembre 2021

Relais Desserts members were particularly happy to be back in Paris after an unprecedented health crisis, which particularly impacted the association.

This seminar was special thuis year, since the Association was celebrating its 40th anniversary, and it is in this same city, 40 years ago that the association was officially born.

A beautiful program was concocted for three days by the Relais Desserts Paris region!


May 2019 

Pastry chefs of Relais Desserts from all over the world met in the capital of gastronomy, in Lyon, at Richard Sève, Sébastien Bouillet and Jean-Paul Pignol to exchange their know-how and their profession, but also to allow Lyon fans to taste their creations on the theme of “market pastry”. The occasion to celebrate, once again, the Haute Pâtisserie.

 April 2018 

Just like every spring, the Relais Desserts pastry chefs met in full to celebrate their association during four ultra-gourmet days. The bests of the sweet went to the other country of chocolate: Belgium. It was an opportunity to discover Jean-Philippe Darcis’s universe and boutiques.

Marc Ducobu in Waterloo and Bernard Proot of the del Rey house in Antwerp also opened their doors to their colleagues. The Wittamer house signed the centrepiece of the beautiful “Chefs’ afternoon snacks” at the Spa Casino.


April 2017

Vincent Guerlais welcomed the seminar in Nantes. On the agenda: visit of the Guerlais House boutiques and the association members’ latest creations. But it was also the opportunity to work together on client relations, tomorrow’s trade, the new trends in gastronomy…

 April 2016 

This year, celebrating the Association 35th Anniversary, François Payard in New York entertained his Relais Desserts counterparts and chose to organize with them a charity cocktail for City Harvest, an organization dear to him as they already work together for Macaroon’s Day. And so, $72,000 was collected for City Harvest. 

The Relais Desserts members also discovered their host’s universe and followed a custom-made schedule. They enjoyed these few days and visited the newly open Valrhona School in Brooklyn.

 April 2015

Damien and Lucien Moutarlier had the pleasure of welcoming the Association for three days in Montreux (Switzerland). The Pastry chefs discovered backstage three of their four candy stores in Montreux, in Chexbres and in Lausanne and were able to exchange ideas during the scheduled work sessions. From visits to surprise activities, the Moutarliers proudly presented what makes the Montreux region’s wealth. 

They also had the opportunity to discover another Relais Desserts member’s universe: Sébastien Brocard, whose business is on the French side of the Geneva Lake.

 May 2014

Patricia and Luc Guillet, Relais Desserts members since 1991, were honored to welcome their peers, passionate and masters of haute-pastry. 

They met for three days of exchange and sharing in order to reinvent their profession and make the high level of haute-pastry go even higher. 

On the agenda, work sessions, lectures, but also moments of conviviality and brotherhood during the chefs’ picnic and the evening gala.

 April 2013

Patrick and Xavier Berger hosted the Relais Desserts pastry chefs in Tarbes (French Basque country). 

During the course of two days, the members visited Xavier and Patrick’s boutiques and laboratories, they also discovered the towns of Tarbes and Pau, met with some Bigorre ham makers as well as visited some wine cellars in Madiran. 

On the third day, the Relais Desserts met Basque country’s famous conviviality at Lionel and Isabelle Raux’s in Bayonne.

The Association members also met in:

  • Mulhouse in 2012
  • Nice in 2011
  • Madrid and Alicante in 2010
  • Vichy in 2009
  • Venice in 2008
  • Fontainebleau in 2007