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An Instagram account to manage unsold items.

16 August 2021
In 2006, Claire Damon and David Granger opened their shop – Des Gâteaux et du Pain – on the Boulevard Pasteur in Paris’s 15th district. A second shop followed on the Rue du BAC, in the 7th district.

They both decided, from the start of their entrepreneurial adventure, that they would work with the raw materials and use their skills to turn them into something exceptional.

They understand the real value of an apple, a pound of butter or a pound of flour, and are happy to pay a fair price for top quality ingredients. But, by the same token, they could never bear to throw unsold items away. 

For many years they looked for ways to clear unsold items – particularly bread – and turned to charities. They soon realised how hard it was to find a charity that would be ready to travel to them and pick up the unsold items at the end of a day’s trading, on the understanding that, on some days, there would be nothing to collect.

It was then they had the idea of offering their customers products from the day before at a reduced price, making it an attractive offer for the customer and avoiding added complication for shop staff. The offer has been boiled down to four types of “recycling pack”.

  • Recycling pack of 4 individual pastries, 
  • 4-person dessert recycling pack,
  • 8-person dessert recycling pack,
  • Bread recycling pack: 3 or 4 loaves, which can be kept for several days 
The loaves, which here are all made using rye flour, are prepared using natural yeast and all have excellent keeping qualities.

In each case, the cakes and bread are already wrapped, in white boxes or kraft paper bags, meaning that when customers ask for a recycling deal, service is quick and easy. Customers benefit from quality products at cut prices, and waste is avoided.

An Instagram account has been set up – @larecycleriedgedp – showing the number of recycling packs available in the shop.

Claire Damon also assumes there will be a reduced choice of pastries after 5pm. So she reduces her losses at the end of the day, and makes customers aware of the importance of ordering in advance if they want a specific product.

Through the actions we’re taking and the values we hold so dear, we’re also influencing the actions of those around us, our colleagues and our customers.

Marie Loones for relais Desserts

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