Friday 31 March 2023


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à Paris Une Glace

Une Glace à Paris is all about the adventure of two patissier friends… crazy about ice cream! Emmanuel Ryon – Best Ice Cream Maker in France and World Patisserie Champion – and Olivier Ménard worked for the most international maisons all while dreaming of creating real ice cream patisserie in Paris. Two complementary talents with excellent know how, the desire to crack the world and share their unashamed love for ice cream! In 2015, they opened Une Glace in Paris in the Marais district and continued their adventure with a second boutique in Montmartre.

For Emmanuel Ryon, gourmet food is first and foremost a family affair… His entire childhood was immersed in the culinary talents of her mother and grandmother, as well as her uncle, a patissier in Fernet Voltaire, Switzerland. With his CAP vocational diploma in his pocket, Emmanuel Ryon set off on a series of educational internships. It was his interest in competitions that would allow him to discover that he was capable of creating and achieving dreams and ideas. He participated in 25 competitions, winning most of them, until he became World Pastry Champion in 1999 and Best Ice Cream Maker in 2000. His taste for travel would flourish in the Bellouet Conseil patisserie school, which would recruit him to train international professionals, perform demonstrations, and even write a book on ice cream… That was where Emmanuel met Olivier!


For Olivier Ménard patisserie has been a vocation and obsession since the age of 4. You might think he’s a lucky man… someone who will transform his obsession with patisserie into an exclusive, absolute profession, for which he will give up everything and everyone, in bold search of adventure, opting for authenticity and inventiveness. Born under the soft sun of Angevin, he quickly took up apprenticeships and tests to please his parents. He studied bakery, charcuterie, even cabinetmaking… but nothing helped, it was and will always be patisserie!


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