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* without gluten or lactose

For 2 cakes



360 g tangerines

5 eggs

208 g caster sugar

208 g almond powder

0.5 coffee spoon of salt

1.25 coffee spoon of baking powder

 2 cake moulds, 21 x 11 cm


Bring the whole tangerines to the boil in water, with their skins, leaving them covered for 60 minutes.

As soon as they have cooled down slightly, cut their tips and base without removing the skin, and cut in half through the middle and along the width before taking the seeds out. Finally, drip-dry lightly in a colander.

With a blender, mix the tangerines to obtain a fine mixture and mix the eggs. Add the other ingredients with a spatula.


Cover the sides and the bottom of the moulds with baking paper. Finally, pour the dough and cook at 185°C (365°F) for 40 minutes.



Traditional chocolate glazing

125 g chocolate couverture, 70 %

65 g caster sugar

65 g water

125 g butter


Break the chocolate in small pieces and mix all ingredients. Put a pan with all the ingredients at medium heat. When the preparation is boiling, remove from the heat and put in the blender to obtain a fine mixture. Reserve in the refrigerator.



Fiorantina almonds

37 g egg white

47 g ice sugar

121 g slivered almonds

7 g crystallised orange, very thinly cut


Preheat the oven at 150 °C (300°F). Mix all ingredients. Spread the preparation on a sheet of baking paper and put in the oven.

Regularly turn during cooking, until the almonds become golden and do not cling to one another. Let cool.

Store the almonds in an airtight box to keep them firm.




375 g traditional chocolate glazing

200 g fiorantina almonds


Once the cake is cooked and cooled, heat the glazing slightly and pour it on top of the cakes and decorate with almonds.

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