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Making a case for it -

Form and content are not just a philosophical debate… Proof is in the different new packaging the Relais Desserts chefs have imagined. Because beyond creating delicious varieties of sweets, the pastry chefs clearly enjoy coming up with new cases up to the standards of their entremets, sweets and other chocolate bonbons: limited edition cases painted by artists, or a toy box, or even women... ...

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The Sweet Tour de France -

We could call it a very gourmet summer road trip, as we’ll review the regional specialties of our beautiful France, as seen by our Relais Desserts Pastry Chefs. From the historical and emblematical desserts such as the Breton Kouign-amann or the Alsacian Kouglof and gingerbread, the Black Forest the North appreciates so much, or even the carmine tarts with their delicious Saint-Genis pralines... ...

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Fruit season is upon us -

Colourful, sweet or acidulous, but always flavourful, fruits parade more than ever in the sweet compositions of the Relais Desserts pastry chefs. Strawberries, peaches, apricots are all drenched in sun and slip into multi-coloured, light and fresh entremets; while tarts, macaroons and sorbets are eaten under the sun and it’s all about fruits. It is impossible to resist them in the summer… For... ...

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The influence of Relais Desserts -

Everybody knows it by now: for the last few years, pastry has become extremely popular like gastronomy before it; a world constantly abuzz with a now borderless aura. The proof lays with Pierre Hermé, named “World’s Best Pastry Chef” in 2016 by the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy”, Hermé who last February made macaroons for the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s birthday,... ...

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Nantes Spring Meeting -

This year, the Relais Desserts Pastry chefs met in Nantes (France) during four sunny days in April. Just like for every Rencontres Internationales (International Meeting), it was the time for exchanges and creations, in pleasurable, convivial and fun surroundings, Vincent Guerlais’ –a facetious palate teaser-- typical brand.   This puckish master of sweets from Nantes, used to a... ...

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