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23 December 2021

Galettes 2022

With New Year celebrations now behind us, an unstoppable tradition moves centre stage. To celebrate Epiphany, prolonging the festi...

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1 December 2021

Bûches de Noël 2021: a seasonal round-up

Some focus on spices, others on fruit, and others on chocolate. Whatever angle they choose, we cannot wait to see the Bûches de N...

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17 September 2021


Created in 2013 by the Relais Desserts Association, the Prix d’Excellence are awarded to individuals whose talents have been rec...

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10 August 2021

Relais Desserts Prix d’Excellence – Edition 2021

The Prix d'Excellence will be held on the 15th September 2021 under the patronage of the President of the Republic.

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23 April 2021

The lily of the valley

“The time of the lily of the valley has returned”, sang Danielle Darrieux. But how long has this May Day tradition existed in ...

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22 March 2021

Easter Selection 2021

Be it a dessert or something to showcase chocolate, this year, as every year, our pastry chefs compete to show off their ingenuity...

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2 February 2021

Valentine’s Day Selection

Whether you’re a lover of chocolate, vanilla, praline or fresher, fruitier flavours, Saint Valentine’s Day is always the ideal...

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1 December 2020

Bûche de Noël selection

Whether traditional or reinvented, the Bûche de Noël - or Yule log - has one common denominator from year to year: it is the stu...

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13 November 2020

Selected Advent calendars

Initially designed as a way to help children wait patiently, the Advent Calendar is now aimed at all discerning palates. From 1st ...

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