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16 March 2023

Easter Selection 2023

Focusing on chocolate, whether in the form of desserts or sweet figurines, this Easter our patisserie chefs and chocolatiers will ...

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21 February 2023

… the sweet history of honey

Food for the Gods, honey has a high symbolic value. In the Western Wold it has been the sweetener most used for centuries, until s...

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9 January 2023

Selection of Galettes 2023

Throughout the month of January, the Galettes of Kings as usual adorn our patissiers' windows beckoning us towards delicious pastr...

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15 December 2022

Christmas desserts

Relais Desserts pastry chefs present a selection of their Christmas creations. Let yourself be seduced by their gourmet and dreaml...

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24 November 2022

Christmas treats around the world

Christmas dessert is traditionally associated with a yuletide log, but the worldwide members of our patisserie association want to...

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7 November 2022

Advent Calendar Selection 2022

As the first of December approaches, young and old alike are looking forward to opening a new box every day in their Advent Calend...

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17 October 2022

Chocolate selection

As autumn quietly settles in, those of us with a sweet tooth will easily be tempted by the small chocolate treats. Between lollipo...

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10 October 2022

Welcome to 4 new Relais Desserts members

Four new members joined the association during the annual seminar held on 19 September.

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29 September 2022

The winners of the Relais Desserts Charles Proust 2022 Competition

Saori Sasaki of the Tokyo Patisserie School won the Relais Desserts Charles Proust Trophy and made history as the first woman to w...

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