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By Damien Moutarlier

Recipe for approximately 40 pastries



Choux pastry

250 g milk

5 g salt

5 g sugar

100 g butter

210 g egg

150 g flour


Speculoos crème anglaise

500 g cream

100 g egg yolk

100 g sugar

35 g speculoos spice

7 g powdered gelatine + 20 g water

500 g mascarpone


Clementine jam

200 g peeled clementines

30 g glucose

45 g sugar

5 g pectin NH

Juice of ½ lemon


Craquelin with clementine zest

50 g butter

62 g brown sugar

62 g flour

½ vanilla pod

Zest of ½ clementine





Craquelin with clementine zest

Mix evenly and spread thinly onto two baking sheets. Set aside in the refrigerator. Cut out discs 5 cm in diameter.


Choux pastry

Heat the milk, salt, sugar and butter. Remove from the heat and add the flour, beating it well until it leaves the sides of the pan, then add the eggs a little at a time. Make choux buns 6 cm in diameter using a n°12 piping bag, then place a craquelin disc on top and bake at 180°.


Speculoos crème anglaise

Mix the spices and sugar with the egg yolks, bring the cream to boiling point and pour it over the egg yolks and sugar, pour into a saucepan and cook at 85°C. Add the gelatine and set aside in the refrigerator.


Clementine jam

Heat together the clementines, lemon juice, sugar and glucose. Add the pectin at 40°C and bring to the boil, then set aside in a cool place.



Whip the speculoos cream together with 500 g of mascarpone. Cut the choux pastries open, pipe in the speculoos cream, and add your jam in the centre. Close up the choux pastries.


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