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50 cl milk
25 cl whipping cream
6 egg yolks
1 soft vanilla bean from Madagascar
200 g sugar
40 g pistachio paste
Optional to stabilize the texture:
20 g powdered dextrose or glucose
For decoration: chopped pistachios



Split the vanilla bean in two lengthwise and scrape the grains. Heat to a simmer the milk, cream, half of
the sugar and the vanilla (bean and grains). In a second bowl, mix the remaining 100 g sugar and the egg yolks.

Make a custard by heating to 84 °C until the mixture coats a spoon slowly adding the egg yolk preparation
to the liquid mixture. Then remove from heat and pass through a sieve. Add the pistachio paste and mix  well. Let cool.

Put into the ice-cream machine and proceed as instructed.

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Bernard PROOT

At Del Rey’s, Bernard Proot and his team know how to surprise you with their modern and clean-line creations that dress textures and flavors according to traditional pastry criteria. The chocolate bonbons are a specialty of this fine house. [...]

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