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- Tirami Su’ Eggs-


For 8 half an egg shells


Chocolate sponge cake

20 g flour

20 g starch

22 g cocoa powder

90 g fresh egg yolk

90 g caster sugar

90 g fresh egg white

40 g butter


Sieve the flour, the starch and the cocoa. 

Raise the yolks with two thirds of the sugar to obtain a liquid dough. Raise the egg whites at 20 °C (70°F) and progressively pour the remaining sugar.

Melt the butter and incorporate the yolks and sugar to the mixture, add the flour, the starch and the cocoa and a small quantity of whisked egg whites. Finally, softly mix the egg whites with the rest of the mix and spread it ins moulds before cooking at 200 °C (390°F) for 10 minutes.



Mascarpone light cream

90 g sugar

30 g water

80 g egg yolk 

5 g gelatine sheet

25 g water (for the gelatine)

200 g Chantilly cream

200 g mascarpone

½ a vanilla pod


Mix the sugar and the water and bring the temperature of the syrup to 35 °C (95°C). Add the egg yolk and cook at 82 °C (180°F). Pour into a round-bottomed mixing bowl and raise with an electric whisk to obtain a pâte à bombe (eggs whisked with the hot syrup).

Add the water to the gelatine to rehydrate and melt in the microwave oven, incorporate to the raised pâte à bombe.

Meanwhile, raise the Chantilly cream and the vanilla pulp with an electric whisk and softly incorporate the mascarpone and the pâte à bombe.



8 polycarbonate moulds in the shape of half eggs, 20 cm high

250 g black chocolate couverture

550 g mascarpone light cream

300 g chocolate sponge cake

300 g coffee (expresso)

15 g cocoa powder

150 g crunchy praline


Create an empty shell by pouring chocolate at 30°C (85°F) in each mould and letting it solidify on baking paper at room temperature.

Pour 150 g of mascarpone light cream in each chocolate mould and cover with a layer of sponge cake. Pour the expresso, helping with a brush.

Repeat by adding another layer of cream and covering with sponge cake, soaked with coffee.

Finish with a final layer of mascarpone cream.


Reserve in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Finally, unmold the half shells and, before serving, sprinkle cocoa powder and decorate with crunchy praline.

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