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For 12 gingerbreads



210 g caster sugar

300 g milk

9 g soluble coffee

7.5 g salt

600 g honey

190 g glucose

75 g sugar

15 g mixture of spices *

225 g melted cold butter

7 eggs (340 g)

75 g crystallised ginger

565 g crystallised orange

285 g flour T55

285 g rye flour

30 g baking powder


* Mixture of spices

12 g sticks of cinnamon

12 g star anise

10 g dried coriander grains

8 g quatre-épices

1,5 g nutmeg

0,4 g pepper in grains

Put the ingredients together, mix them with a blender and sieve. Reserve.



Cook the dry sugar in a saucepan at low heat to obtain a dark caramel, and stop the cooking with cold milk and let cool. Mix with the ingredients in the given order.

When the dough is unctuous, pour into cake moulds 18 x 3 x 3 cm. Put in the oven at 160 °C (320°F) for some 20 minutes. Check the cooking with the tip of a knife.




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