Friday 01 March 2024


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Clément BATTUT

Originally from Aveyron, Clément started with a BEP professional qualification in cooking before confirming his taste for patisserie at the CFA training centre in Rodez.

He made his mark at Michel Belin in Albi, then with Franck Fresson in Metz, Laurent Le Daniel in Rennes… all big names who would become his mentors. He made his mark on history in 2013 by taking up an old historical patisserie at Rodez. In 2018, a second boutique would follow at Onet-le-Château.

An adventure that he would live with his partner Nancy Klimas. Today, they are committed to “always doing better, remaining humble, respecting traditions and not choosing the easy way”.


Contact : 05 65 68 42 62 /