Wednesday 29 March 2023


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Vincent Vallée

Vincent Vallée discovered the world of catering and pastry at a very young age thanks to his holiday job in his parents' restaurant "Villa Dilecta" -1 macaron in the Michelin guide.

Seduced by the creative possibilities offered by pastry making, he undertook an apprenticeship at the age of 15 with Jean Claude David (the best ice cream maker in France). He passed his vocational BEP as a patissier and acquired the title of best apprentice in Vendée.

He joined the team of Alain Chartier (Relais Desserts, best ice cream maker in France and world champion of frozen desserts) to acquire his complementary qualification, and his technical diploma as a patissier. He worked for three years with Patrick Gelencser, a passionate master chocolatier (Relais Desserts), where he discovered the passionate and demanding work of “Bean to Bar”. Searching for new horizons, he left for the Southwest and became head of the pastry / chocolate laboratory at Thierry Bamas (best patissier in France and world champion of frozen desserts).

With his passion for excelling, he constantly participates in competitions, thus nourishing his artistic and technical requirements. His experiences and the support of his mentors have enabled him to win with the title of World Chocolat Master by offering taste creations whose balance is meticulously and passionately developed to the point of perfect harmony.